Thursday, February 19, 2009

Arrived, but...

This post is a mixed feeling post and more related to my previous post about 'Long Waited'.


The day I touched down Dubai and back to my accommodation, I saw the book about 'Black Strat' has arrived. Many thanks to my old best friend Arthur & Vera, they send it from Canada all the way. I really love this book and it makes me feel MUST get the 'Black Strat' guitar, this will be my only dream guitar for the rest of my life!

The Black Strat Book

Another happy moment is after my long waited, finally one of concert DVD I wanted is selling in Dubai. Actually I was looking for other concert DVD (David Gilmour - Live in Gdansk), then I saw Dream Theater - Chaos in Motion is already sold here. Without any second thought I just grabbed it home to enjoy it.

Dream Theater - Chaos in Motion

Sad & Frustrated:

This year the musical events in Dubai are very down compare to last year. Maybe is due to the economy crisis. In last year the Dubai Jazz Fest was so happening, so many performers were here to perform on several stages, furthermore the Jazz Fest was held everyday more than a week, the first week entrance was free, I remember I went to few of the Dubai Jazz Fest free concert to enjoy the music.

This time the Dubai Jazz Fest really disappointed me, only three performers and no more free entrance.

Dubai Jazz Fest 2009

I just wonder since when James Blunt was rated as jazz artist. I really couldn't understand with it.

The next big disappointment for me this time is the Dubai Desert Rock Festival 2009, this year only one day event, and all only heavy metal bands. Anyway I just only know Motorhead, the rest I don't event know who they are. I'm not so into metal music afterall.

Last year the Dubai Desert Rock Festival 2008 was held 2 days in a row, first day only metal bands and second days were hard rock bands. The organiser promised to bring more super bands in this year, but when I look at it, it's really a big disappointment to everyone.

Desert Rock Festival 2009

Finally the most big big disappointment for me is 'David Gilmour - Live in Gdansk' still not selling in Dubai. I wonder, since the concert DVD released ealier than 'Dream Theater - Chaos in Motion', why it's still not available in Dubai?! I believe David Gilmour's concert DVD will be very much best selling than Dream Theater's concert DVD since the Pink Floyd concert DVD is number one best selling in Virgin Megastore here.

David Gilmour - Live in Gdansk
(David Gilmour, the voice & guitar of Pink Floyd)

Right now I really feel want to bang my head to the wall, why this place do all the things upside down?



amanda said...

since when james blunt is in jazz?? haha.. nxt time maybe they ranked britney in heavy metal ??? i'm planning to go Dubai to work this year.. but after reading ur post, i think i better think twice..

Kenny Ng said...

Britney in heavy metal? Then I gonna suicide... LOL

Better don't come Dubai to work for some time, you may end up even worst than what you have now. Keep follow up my updates, then you'll know when is the suitable time to work aboard.

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