Friday, February 13, 2009

Funny Words

This few days I wanted to familiar my new project in Abu Dhabi (F1), so my colleagues brought me to site visit to know more about site conditions.

I found out some signages were so funny with wrong spelling. I manage to snap one of it, I told my colleagues than only they realised the mistake has been made by others, everyone were laughing so loud on it...

Guard Room or Gurd Room?

I can see all the guard rooms has been written as 'Gurd Room', after I told all, everybody were laughing till forgot their tension on work. I also saw another wrong spelling on 'Foreman' became 'Fourman', I really have lots of big laugh during my site visit with my colleagues, most of them are big time jokers too, I really started enjoying to work here now. Now I believe the wrong spelling or words not only happened in China which everyone has making the big laugh on it, I think it happens everywhere.

Just now I was talk cock with my colleague about funny words, then he came out with one country name which I was laughing till my tear came out. He said 'Singapura' (Singapore in English) that in Malay word meaning is Singa-Pura, that mean in Chinese word is '狮子假装' and in English is 'Lion Pretend'.

I think most of us work until crazy, when all together talk cock sure everyone were laughing non-stop to forget all the pressure / tension on work. I think it is a good way to release our tension rather than doing unhealthy activities.

Anyway, I will be more in office work to sort out all QAQC matters than working on site, actually I prefer to work both sides (Office & Site), but there are so many Architectural material matters need to be sorted out in site office, so the management wanted me to sort it out in order to make sure site works are working smooth.



day-dreamer said...


Well, sometimes after a pile of stress, everybody sit down and talk cock, very fun one. Hehe.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

make sure you tell that singh joke.

they will laft till tears out.

Kenny Ng said...

Yes, it is...

[pisang goreng]
I did... hahaha

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