Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dubai Desert Rock Fest

When my home country (Malaysia) was busy for general election going on, I was busy with Dubai Desert Rock Fest (DDRF). What to do? I can't go back for voting so I just stay here to enjoy the rock fest, anyway, you will never find such rock concert in Malaysia, but I do hope it will happens in future.

Rockers' Line Up

It was 2 days concert (7 & 8 March 2008) and also the largest rock concert in Middle East, So I'll never miss this golden chance right? Me and my colleague decided to get the 2 days pass. The 1st day was on Friday which we don't need to work, but the second day I only can go after my working hour.

Long Queue at the Entrance

The 1st day we went before the show, it was a long queue up out there, we spent about 1 hour plus to enter the arena. It was so nice when we saw beers are available in there! I was really surprise about it, furthermore UAE is a pro-Islamic country and yet so open on this occasion.

Beers Sessions... I Like!

It was the Metal Day for the 1st day, in the beginning I still can stand for it, but by evening I really exhausted and my brain almost gone crazy with the whole day Metal Musics. Anyway, it was my first experience to attend such grand concert ever in my life with international rock bands.

The Main Arena

Rocking Sessions

The Crowds Still Not Tired

Day One's climax moment when 'Machine Head' and final band 'Korn' came out to rock all pants off.


The 2nd day I was quite pissed off with the event management, they were not allow me to bring my camera in, they said can't bring in on that day, but when I entered I saw many were holding cameras around. It was a waste that I can't snap some nice photos with my camera, I just only can use my camera phone which the quality is bad.

Slash with Velvet Revolver

Anyway, at least I can see one of my favorite guitarists played on stage, when Slash (Velvet Revolver) stood up, the crowds went crazy included me... hehehe. I think the whole show climax was when Slash cames out, he still got his killer style to play his guitar like when he was with Guns 'N Roses. I lost my voice after I shouting for the whole Velvet Revolver's show played on stage.

The last band on the show was MUSE, I wasn't manage to get a better shot without my camera, too bad.

Rock Arena

On the 2nd day show, I wore my Dream Theater T-shirt for the show, suddenly got one big fella came to me and pointed at me, I shocked for a moment, I thought he wanted to create problem with me, who knows... He said... "Dude! That's a cool & great band!" Then I replied "YEAH!!!" After that we both showed the Rock Hand Sign to each other... Many people there thought I'm a Japanese, some greeted me in Japanese language, I just smile and greet them back in English... Hahaha... How cool yah?

Night View of The Stage

I really felt good after the concert, it was so WILD, FREE & PEACE. Many thought rockers are violent, they do look violent but I don't see any fighting happened there, I just saw everyone from different countries group together and enjoy the rock musics together and making more friends. I'm looking forward the next year Dubai Desert Rock Fest!

DDRF Rocks!!!


Agnes said... crowded. that really fun to go...

Maverick SM said...

Wah you desert rock and didn't vote?

You know; the Barisan Rakyat would have won a bigger majority with your one vote!!!hehehehe

Anonymous said...

I was there too!!~~ Korn was awesomee!!!...haha
(Dude... I'm workin here in Dubai for almost 3 years++) :))


art... said...

well HOPEFULLY the new gov in state of selangor will now allow more concerts... cheers barisan rakyat, fcuk bn...

wei u got me a tshirt boh?..hahaha..

anyway next week in kl... TOTO...

Nonnie King said...

I never go see concert before.
So sad.

AceOne118 said...

I'm sure you enjoyed it. ROCKS!!!

janicepa said...

wah .... u must be super happy lah .. and forget bout the nokia cheating ppl thingy liao lor.. :P

i saw a girl sitting on top there

Jace said...

cool! I hope i was there with u and gila-gila together!! hehehe...

team bsg said...

wa so many rocking fun in dubai , better than Malaysia maybe becoz we got biggest tsunami !

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... it was fun!

[maverick sm]
Hehehe... give them a little chance la, if I can come back vote... I think barisan rakyat will 100% rule the country :P

Cool! Yeah... Korn was awesome! I can't wait for next year DDRF again!

Yeah, I hope so... sorry la, no more your size t-shirt. TOTO? Damn!!! I miss it again, they were here for last year Jazz Fest la... that time I still not working in Dubai.

[nonnie king]
Should go when got chance, it's really fun!

Yeah... enjoy kaw kaw to the max lor

Of coz lor... Got rock concert ma :D
The gal sitting on top damn chun leh... :P

U can tahan heavy rock music boh?

[team bsg]
Here everything also happening than Msia, hopefully Msia can be like that in future if they want to become advance.

Jace said...

u teach me how to tahan lor..

job said...

so happening..phew I wish I was there too with Korn..

Kenny Ng said...

How to teach? Must naturally born-rocker only can tahan ma...

Hopefully Malaysia will have it in future

MiccObaYb said...

You saw Miyuuuuuzu in Dubai!!!!!

tanalan2 said...

Wah...u can find rock in dessert also argh !!!! Yeah Kenny Rocks !!!!!

Shireen K said...

FUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ROCK LA BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SilverIsle said...

OMFG. DDRF. The line up is like super cool shit wei.

How much in RM did it cost you for the 2 days concert?

Kenny Ng said...

hahaha... don't cry

Desert rock more rock leh

[shireen k]
Beh tahan leh? Kekeke

Cool leh? in RM? about RM400 for 2 days lor

narrowband said...

Whoahhh! Korn, Muse and Slash were there!! I know that Slash is a guitar icon. Desert rock concert RAWKS!! I was at a similar event in Malaysia, called Sunburst, a 12-hour rock fest. I guess the sky really burst, because it started to rain in the afternoon!! But after the rain subsided, it was party all the way til 2am.

Desert Safari Dubai said...

Desert Safari Dubai very nice. it must have been great fun.

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