Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Life

As I mentioned before in my previous post, I'm now working on Abu Dhabi Formula One race track project.

This project really bigger than I imagine, although there were news talking about this project is on schedule, but we all are pushing beyond our limit to meet the completion target date. This track will host the final race of this season, it will be very nice if this final race to determine who will be the world champion in this track.

Few days back I heard some news that this project might on hold, right now anything can happen due to the economy situation, but I really hope it was a rumour, I don't want it happens again on my working company.

Me standing at middle of F1 race track

That's my latest 'war suit', no more green safety helmet and orange vest which was wrong colour code for my position in my previous project. So, no more wearing 'green hat' and I wish my 'lady fate' will change better now... hahaha.

New Beginning!


erinalaw said...

No matter what, stay strong and hope the best thing will take place. Here in Penang also very bad. So slow. Tortoise walk also can b faster. Looking at the situation, I also so sian to work. Stay strong!!!

Wyn said...

hope everything is fine for you....

and you get to watch the finale showdown of the race oh...=)

Netster said...

Hia so lucky you are standing on it :)

take care man!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

you are those who the first 1 to test drive on the track.

even with basikal also kira.......

If you got change drive on it......

frostier said...

great to hear u enjoyed it

yenjai.net said...

You will get a chance to try racing on this track? :P

Kenny Ng said...

I know what to do in this situation now. Thanks

I wish I can watch the race here

Hehehe... thanks

[pisang goreng]
I test run already!!! By my own No. 11 car la... which mean were my both legs... LOL

If you involve with something you like, sure you'll enjoy it although it needs more hard work right?

Yes!!! By my using legs racing with labours lor... LOL

Huei said...

wishing you all the best in ur new beginning!! =D

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