Monday, August 11, 2008

My Wishes

Normally I don't have much wishes on myself, but after 6 months of restless working life, finally my holiday is coming soon, I'll back to Malaysia for holiday on this coming Friday for approximately 2 weeks. My 1st wish when I fly back to Penang is to eat my favorite Char Koay Teow!!! Yeeeeha!!!

Anyway, there is something that really in my wish list all the time, which is to own a Fender 'Black Strat' same as the guitarist from Pink Floyd - David Gilmour. I was surfing Fender's website and I found out they're going to release David Gilmour's signature series guitar soon! I was so excited to know the price, but somehow... the price is really too killing me.

David Gilmour with his Black Strat
Picture Source: Fender

Black Strat Price List

There are 2 versions of the Black Strat, Normal & Relic. The normal type is selling at USD $3,999.99!!! The price is really killing me after converted into RM. Meanwhile the Relic version is selling at USD $4,799.99!!! How do I get so much money to buy it? The price is really disapointed me compare to other artists' signature series.

The specification of the Black Strat is what I'm looking for which is better than a vintage series of Fender Stratocaster. I'm not a good guitar player but I do love guitar very much, I think I have to put my dream aside unless miracle is happening to me. How sad...

Anyway, I still can chill up a little bit since I manage to get some stock on my favorite drink... The KilKenny! Not Kill-Kenny ok? I'm not killing myself, but now really want to kill myself since the Black Strat is soooooooooooooo expensive!!!

KilKenny in can

Fender really kills me this Kenny now... I just wish to own this guitar for my entire life... arrrgghhh!!! Now I think I better get into reality life to a gf and settle down instead of dreaming on guitars too much.

Black Strat!!!


k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Welcome back, bro!!!

Huei said...

lets go booze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow..the guitars..really very expensif!!

erinalaw said...

Selmat pulang ke kampung ............... Remember my sand hor.

Chen said...

manyak mahal woh tu guitar
enjoy your coming trip back home
eat more duck egg CKT & penang assam laksa ;)

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

welcome back bro...

the relic cost more?

and that beer really......
knock you down


cc said...

Hey, upload some clips of you playing the guitar la! I want to hear it! :D

julieann said...

YOO!!!! finally got holiday for ya!!! YAYYYYY!!!

and that guitar is really a bit overpriced leh!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks bro

Jom! Yalor... so expensive

Sure... Bringing now

Yalor... so sad. Sure will whack as much as I can

[pisang goreng]
Thanks bro. Yah, Relic is made exactly same like David Gilmour's guitar with scratches.

Have it in my friendster

I need the holiday...

art&vera said...

dont worry lah... this is the custom shop model.. when fender intro new model, they always use the custom shop section 1st... after 1 year or so, if the guitars sell really good, they release it from the normal production line... should be around USD 1.5k and below... still got hope brother!!!... hahaha

meanwhile i am so fucking bored here with no guitar... aiyaaaahhhh~!!!... eat more char koew teow.. damn i miss malaysia...


Kenny Ng said...

U sure or not? Clapton's Custom Series also need USD$ 3K la. Now I just wait and see la, hopefully they'll drop the price.

U there can get guitar cheaper ma, hehehe... char koay teow siok lor :P

Aodian said...

i have a fender squire strat.. It good only the tremolo arm is not very durable since i've been playing alot of satriani songs...

if you're looking for something that equally matches the strat go for one of the ibanez signature series

and try to go for ones with humbuckers since humbuckers produce less feedback sound

and i think this black strat is only on noiseless single coils.

Kenny Ng said...

I also have fender squire strat which is not satisfied me. I don't like Ibanez at all, I only love vintage guitar which only Fender Strat can gives me. The Black Strat is totally different, try read the specs, it's awesome and I really crazy about it. Anyway, I don't play metal, I only play classic rock songs, Pink Floyd is my favorite and this Black Strat is used by Pink Floyd's guitarist.

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