Sunday, August 31, 2008

50+1 Malaysia

I've been honored by QuaChee, the editor of 50+1 Malaysia book by taking some of my Kek Lok Si photos in the book. The book is small but very comprehensive with introducing about places, foods, people & love of Malaysia.

In conjunction of our 51th Merdeka Day (National Day), I felt so pleased that I did contributed a little bit in the book which introduce about Malaysia to the world.

This is my 2nd year that I did not celebrate the National Day in my home country, anyway... I really miss Malaysia which is really a nice country to stay with nice and beautiful people around, delicious foods and multi cultural celebrations.

The Front Cover

My Kek Lok Si pictures with my name & blog URL

Short note by the editor

I received the book for free as one of the contributors during my short holiday trip back to Malaysia few days ago, I really proud to be one of the contributors to this book.

Anyone who interested to own this book can purchase it via QuaChee or the 50+1 Malaysia website as mentioned above.

*p/s: This is the non-profit advertisement by me.

Happy Merdeka!!!


may said...

hey good on ya, your photos do look great!

Happy Merdeka! maybe celebrate it back home next year, eh?

backstreetgluttons said...

well done , Anak Malaysia !

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wow... your pictures made it to the publisher!! Congrats!

cc said...

Great job!! I can't wait to get my hands on this book.

erinalaw said...

Remember you told me about this on your last visit. Congratulation.....

Huei said...

congragulations for making it in the book!!! =D said...

Brother Kenny
I read in newspaper that a chopper had problem and gone down in Dubai, carrying all foreign engineers
Are you ok?

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks, next year? Dare not plan or think about it yet

Thanks, same to u too


Thanks, I can see your photos are much interesting than mine, sure will have the better chances.



I'm fine, thanks for the concern. The chopper crashed at oil rig, my field is not related with it, so I'm very safe now. Thanks a lot bro!

QuaChee said...

heya kenny

yr photo is beautiful... really! (many really pause at that pic). thanks for sharing it in the book :)

Kenny Ng said...

Really? Many thanks to u for giving me chance sharing in the book.

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