Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kek Lok Si Trip

Yesterday night (Saturday), I went to Kek Lok Si in Penang with my uncle and cousins for some photography hunting. This time I really tried out my Lumix DMC FZ18 to see how good it is. I'm very happy with the result which really better than what I expected with this compact digital camera.

The Lanterns

Another Angle of Lanterns

The Walkway

Overall View

View From Top

Roof With Lighting

View From Round Door

Another Angle View of Pagoda

Colourful Lighting

Buddha Statues

Another View of Buddha Statues

I really tried out all the mode included the manual mode, the noise very low with the ISO100, some of the pictures above were snap without using tripod, the Optical Image Stabilizer really give me a great hand on photography.

It was a great outing for photography hunting after left out for so long. I'm in Kuala Lumpur now until this coming Tuesday night, I'll going back to Penang on Wednesday early morning.

The Wonderful of Kek Lok Si


Quickening said...

The images are quite sharp and clear. Thanks for sharing your coming home experience. Did you miss all this while overseas?

PS: Those were a hell lot of lamps...

Agnes said...

wow...that very nice picture...the last time i visit this place is on year 2000. So gonna visit again if got time...haha

may said...

those lanterns look fab! great photos, well done.

Kopi Soh said...

Beautiful pics, this is one place i never fail to visit whenever i go home. Glad your new year going well.

keeyit said...

Those photos are grogeous especially the tang longs.... very nice...

happy chinese new year

Min-Hui said...

wow...looks nice! I miss it, I should have visited it. I just looked at it from Ayer Itam.

Really look that nice? or that's the effect of your camera quality?

Jace said...

wei... ur new camera really very good wor... :P

angeles said...

Eh? I kambek KL, u go back BW liao?? Aiyoh, I got no Internet access in BW ler... shud hv sms-ed or called me ma... nvm la, wat to do, nxt trip we catch up then!

Last nite (Sun) I wanted to go over to this Kek Lok Si but the jam @ the ferry is too much liao! So patah balik... I had veli bad experience wt the bridge too on 2nd and 3rd day of CNY... jam for half hour at the toll plaza.. *&^%$!!

Oops, new year kenot curse... keong hee huat chye!

janicepa said...

Welcome Home..

Keong Hee Fatt Chai ..

Wishing you .. Sum Siong Si Seng, Man Si Yu Yi and .. Fast fast find a good wife.. kekekee

julieann said...

huahhhhhhhh... i didnt know kek lok si is si beh beautiful at nite 1 leh!! summore there's a bunch of lanterns!!!!!!! i wonder if they bought all the lanterns from all over malaysia? heheheehehe...


De Pianist said...

i quite like the last photo le,but others are great as well.good job! =D!

moz monster said...

The pictures turned out really well !

Welcome home for your short rest !! Gong Xi Fa Cai, hope you'll have a nice rest and good fun !

Chev said...

nice shots and scenic view.

psss... despite staying in Penang for 8 years, i have yet to visit Kek Lok Si temple at night time :)

yapthomas said...

i want a good DSLR camera!!!

khengsiong said...

The lanterns and the Buddha statues look great!

Hmm... haven't been to Penang for a number of years liao...

Quachee said...


love yr photos on the kek lok si here. wld like to ask if you would want to feature some in the book on malaysia we are publishing.

for more info, pls email me at

thanks :)

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

When are you leaving homeland? Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!

Kenny Ng said...

U really so quick for 1st comment hor? Haha... Yeah, I did miss many things here while I'm in oversea. Thanks for dropping by

Next trip come back Malaysia must go lor... but the lantern only display during CNY la


[kopi soh]
U also like there ah? Thanks

Thanks & Happy Chinese New Year to u too

Aiyoh... U really missed it. Really so nice the place, not because of my camera la.

Yalor... Want to buy or not? :P

Aiyah... before I went KL was busy la, too bad la cannot yam char with u. That day I also stuck in traffic jam for 2 hours leh.

U find me a candidate to be my wife can ah? LOL

Every year also same ma, sure got thousands of lanterns there. I also dunno where they get all from... haha

[de pianist]
Thanks... Last pic really shocked me after I transfer to my laptop.

[moz monster]
Thanks, Gong Hei Fatt Choi to u too

U teruk la... should go mah... LOL

Mine is not DSLR la... If u really master in (analog) SLR, then no harm to go for DSLR.

Thanks, Penang really jam during Chinese New Year

It's my pleasure and honor if you really want to publish my pictures in Book on Malaysia, thanks.

This Saturday lor... u?

Ah-Bong said...

OMG>.. i soooo love ur photos! :D

Kenny Ng said...


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