Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to War Zone

I'm back to my war zone safe and sound now... This time I don't feel any special feeling to come back here, I just felt want to back to work as usual, maybe I'm get used to the working life here, I don't feel any strange feeling when I come back here anymore.

Now I just miss my family, relatives and friends in Malaysia, life goes on, work is work, I have to carry on what I've been through. Many thanks to all that I met up during my holiday trip, it was really fun and unforgettable moment for me.

I'm so tired now after so many hours in flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur then Kuala Lumpur to Karachi then to Dubai. I just finished up unpack my things and now is my time to have a good rest to continue my work on Saturday.

I'm looking forward for my next trip home, hopefully can come back during Chinese New Year, by then see you all again.

In Dubai Now...


cc said...

Happy working! :)

day-dreamer said...

Glad you've reached safely. Take care, Kenny!

erinalaw said...

Happy Working, All The Best N also 'poh poh koh seng'. See u next year.

Eileen said...

Glad to hear you are back to Dubai safe & sound and at least not homesick (errr.. dunno that's good or bad though :P). It was really great to see you again! Haha, don't forget our at least annual meet up ya :) Take care Kenny and of coz KEEP IN TOUCH :)

Min-Hui said...

dai gor chai lar! Sang sang seng seng lar!

Wingz said...

take care bro!

Huei said...

c ya again when u come back!!!! have a good rest! =D

janicepa said...

u guys din go out for karaoke meh???

hm.. short trp huh..

Kenny Ng said...


Same to u, thanks

Thanks, see u next year

No home sick... can say bad also la LOL... Sure, annual meet up! Take care too yah

U also dai gor lui la... LOL

Same to u bro... thanks!

Ok... yah, I need good rest with overloaded of sleep... LOL

No time to go la...

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