Friday, September 05, 2008


There are some changes happened on myself...

First of all, I'd changed my previous camera to another similar type but with upgraded version. I bought it during my holiday trip in Malaysia, according to my regular camera shop, they said so far only 3 countries which selling cheapest cameras, United State, Hong Kong and Malaysia. I was so shock when heard about it, but after I did some surveys, I really believe about it. UAE used to be tax free country and everybody said all electronic goods are cheaper than Malaysia, but for cameras, I found out Malaysia still cheaper than UAE but it depends on which shop you are going in Malaysia.

Now... I changed my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 to DMC-FZ28. The reason I changed to the latest model because of some extra features that I'd waiting for. First the lense with ED elements which can provide better image quality. It also come with video mode in HD format, so now I can take video in HD format. Besides that, it also come with many special features, now I can shift my focus points as I like, the wide angle lense also improved to 27mm. Suprisingly, the price of DMC-FZ28 is much cheaper than DMC-FZ18!!!

My Old Toy, DMC-FZ18
My New Toy, DMC-FZ28

Anyway, the most important is the Leica lense, I got no doubt with Leica which I can say the best lense ever. Now still not the best time for photo shooting, I'm plan to have some photo shooting end of this month which the weather will be not so hot anymore. So, stay tuned for lots of photo soon ya!


My secondary change here is my blog links, I realised many of the links at my side bar are getting passive or out of the world. I have to delete some of the links, I have to say sorry to those links has been deleted by me. Now I have to control my blog links, I will not simply add the link unless you are regular here or with proper manners, I don't like those just come in and just wanted me to visit back their blog, now I really don't have time on blog hopping anymore.

I hope you all can understand my decision, it's up to you to say I'm cold blooded la, unfriendly la, LCLY la, action la, cilaka la... but I really headache to see so much blog links which is inactive in blogging world in my side bar.

Please do not simply ask me to add your blog link here, I'll add if someone is my real friend, trustworthy blogger or blogs that I love to read. I'm so sorry for the inconveniences.

I Need Changes!!!


day-dreamer said...

Congrats on the new purchase!

Wait your pictures! ;)

rainbow angeles said...

i need changes too!! :-)

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

let's we wait the new pictures from your new camera.

Zephyr said...

I been passive for blogging for awhile.......but I visit ur blog every week. It juz i din leave any comment coz got nothing to say XD

Agnes said...

good changes!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I bought a smaller version camera... DMC TZ15. Superb! Small in size! Excellent!! Love it!!

cc said...

Change is good, with that comes improvement, improvement brings better life, better life makes us happy.

Look forward to your many snaps! :D

Huei said...

next time come back lemme play with ur new toy!!! =P

nice blog u have here, visit mine! =P =P =P

FL Sam said...

I was thinking to buy this Lumix DMZ28 too but put on hold as I am also considering the Canon DSLR 1000d. :)

Wyn said...

I want to change my camera too..but no $$ sad..

can exchange with you? =P keke...

side note, still got watch or follow F1 kah? =(

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... It's coming!!!

[rainbow angeles]
Good... I support u!!!

[pisang goreng]
It's coming!!!

I know... That's why I still keep your link, thanks


Good changes! That's small but power with the zoom. Great choice

Haha... But I'm not going to get DSLR, no time & too lazy to get too much lenses.

The time I come back the toy no longer new lor... Cilaka... I always visit your blog ma.

[fl sam]
It's up to your choice, for DSLR I rather to get the high end one instead of beginner level of DSLR. Good luck.

Exchange what with me? pictures? Can... hehehe.
Yah, still watching & follow, SPA GP was very disappointed la, Kimi almost there!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

wa... kenny so fierce hahaha

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