Sunday, May 13, 2007

To My Dearest Mom...

I know you don't know what is blog, I know you don't even read blog, I know you don't understand English. All these years what I feel about you I just keep in my heart, but since I started write blogs, I just want to express my thought and feeling here to you.

You were born in a poor family, you sacrifice your education in early age for few types of work just to support the family, if this situation turns to me, I don't think I can do it. Until now you still working part time as tailor just to support the family. I really shame on myself, you are already in retirement age, why you still work so hard for us?

Although you're not complete your education, but the knowledge you have is really far better than many people who got higher education. Your most valuable knowledge you got is to educate me how to be a good human. I'll always remember it for my entire life.

I don't blame you are not rich, to me you are the riches woman in world to show how much is your love to your sons. You never give up to care of us no matter how bad we did in the past or present. I know you always said you gave up, but I can feel your heart is never give up.

I remember when I was a kid, everytime I get injured, hurt, illness... You were the first person to worry of me, take care of me, and gave the best to me.

I really miss the moment you cycled me with the old minibike to kindergarten, and to everywhere. Now you can't cycle anymore because of your legs problem, my heart is really hurt that you can't walk much now due to you overloaded work during you were young. Why you must suffer this kind of pain? Why not me?

You never really beat me up in my life, only once which I really did a very stupid mistake, I really regret with that mistake. You only scolded me, advice me... I'm very sorry I yelling back on you when you did it to me when I was a kid. When the time I growing up, I only knew it was only for my good.

Your cook always the best to me, I couldn't find any cook better than you. I remember everytime my birthday, you will cook my favorite fried chicken and boiled red eggs to me, as my birthday special meal. We don't celebrate birthday in such party style but with that only fried chicken, I'm really happy with it.

Now I'm far apart with you, everytime when I went back to visit you, I can see how happy you were, but when the moment I went back to KL, I can see how sad you were. I know you miss me, in fact I really miss you too! You told me not to come back for my career because you want me to develop my career in this big city. I really want to bring you and dad along to this big city and stay together, but you both wanted a peaceful life there and also still need to take care of my brothers.

I promise, I'll do my best to give you a better life. I know no matter how much I pay back, I still can't pay back whatever you've sacrificed to me. Your sacrifices are the most valuable and priceless to me, I'll never forget all of it and will always appreciate it. I couldn't ask for more from you anymore.

Do you know everytime when I had nightmare something bad happened to you, I woke up straight and cried for the whole night. I really don't want anything bad happen to you. Everytime I pray to god, the first place I always asked god to keep you safe and healthy all the time. Damn... I'm crying now... My first time cried when writing blog.

You are the only person I can trust and you are the only person know me well from toe to head. You are the only person I talk to most of the time, we jokes, we exchange ideas, we share secrets, and we gossips too.

Mom, I just want to say that no one can replace you, you are the most beautiful woman I ever met in my life. You are my one and only Mom in my life.

Our family never say 'I Love You' to each other before, we just did by actions. This time I want to break the tradition, I want to shout to the world that...


Happy Mother's Day To All Mothers...


ah nel said...

Mom da best and 1 st thing in the world...

eventho u nvr say it to ur mom but she can felt ur grateful to her... ;)

piggy said...

A very touching post! I'm sure your mum knows how much you love her through your actions all these years. :)

may said...

Happy Mother's Day to yours and all mothers out there!

Will said...


kat said...

Awww...kenny, next to zewt's, you have written the nicest and sweetest post to a mother I have every read! This makes my mother's day, when I read such loving posts from children to their mothers.

So macho rocker, have you told your mother face to face that you love her?? :D

die-loh.. how to find another woman to match up to your mother to be your wife?? Such high standards!! No wonder you thay em siong other women!! LOL

Wennnn said...

HAppy Mommy's Day lor.. Great post for ur mommy!

cc said...

This is such a touching post, it brought tears to my eyes. Kudos to you for writing your heart and soul. I am sure your mum is an incredibly happy for having a son like you. Well done Kenny! :)

Jemima said...

Yep! Everyone's heard your shout & it's the most beautiful shout we have ever heard, Kenny.

Great post! I love it.

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
Yah... mom always the No. 1 in the world. Thanks brader.

Thanks, I still feel not enough to show her how much I love her.

Yeah... to all mothers!


Thanks that you read it all. I never told her I love her, but I show her how much I care about her.

Aiyoo... I'm not gonna compare my future wife with my mom la... LOL


Thanks, your post also very touching! I like it.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Applegal said...

Waa, halfway through I oso start crying. My family doesn't say I love you to each other either. Oh well.

On another note, have you seen this 6 year old playing guitar? :) I'm pretty sure you have!

Jace said...

*snifffffss~~~~* *crying....*
Sooo touched... *sniff sniff*

_butt said...

oh dear.. such a sweet post.. made me cried reading it.. *sniff*

my family is never the kind that uttered 'I love yous' to each other too, much less a hug. but deep down, we know each other's hearts. I'm sure you and your mom and your family were the same too.

happy mother's day to your mom and all mothers out there.. in fact, every day should be mother's day really.


a^ben said...

well written!!! :)

happy mothers day to all moms out there :D

kyh said...

wat a long dedication to ur mum! wat a nice story it is!

happy mother's day to ur mum! :)

AceOne118 said...

Happy mother's day! Your mum sure 'kam tung wan'

OMG said...

Your story so touching and real,
You have the best mother in the
Happy Mother's Day

Selba said...

This is really a sweet and touching post. I've never known a guy who dedicated such a very touching writing for his mother.

Ah... reading this post, it makes me feeling so quilty especially these days where I've been pressing a lot of stress but at the end, my stress goes to my mom. I've been a bad daugther to her :(

Happy Mother's day!

Chen said...

beautifully written..
very touching & kam tung..
if your mother sees this, dunno how she will respond liao :)

Happy mother's day to all the mums :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

rockers pun bole melt hor when it comes to mushy mushy stuffs...

thats so nice of u bro to dedicate an entry to ur mum to show ur appreciation towards her...

kudos bro!!

De Pianist said...

wuwuwuwu...why everyone write so touching post...i also cry liao lah reading your post...that makes me miss my mum more dearly...wuwuwuwu...

Kenny Ng said...

Sorry to make u cry. Your family too? Cool... I tot mine only. The 6 years old kid play guitar really geng, I saw it before.

*Pass tissue paper* Sorry to make u cry. Thanks

Sorry that makes u cry. My family not even hug at all... haha.Yah, everyday also mother and father's day.


Thanks, happy mother's day to ur mom too.

She dunno I wrote about it... but I'll make her kam tung in other ways.

Yah, my mom is the best! Thanks.

Thanks. For your case, you still got chance to make it better. Don't blame yourself too much, u can change it.

Thanks. My mom dunno read English and also dunno about blog. I'll kam tung her in other ways.

Rocker also a human. We rocker only look tough outside but inside very soft. Thanks bro.

[de pianist]
Eh eh... don't cry lah. Sorry lah.

day-dreamer said...

Wah, a very touching post leh.

Don't know why this year I got no "mood" or inspiration to write this kind of posts. Maybe because she just scolded me that day for something I didn't do. Haha.

FL Sam said...

Very nice dedication your mum. Translate it into Mandarin and let your mum read it. He will definitely be very touched.

LP said...

very nice post...Happy Mother Day to all the moms.

Now, we need to find you a wife then you can start making grand children for them...can see your parents laugh till cannot see their eyes

Rabbit said...

*sniff sniff* touched.

This is the N-post i read writing bout moms. And this is also the N-time I am sniffing. Uwaaa!

Kenny Ng said...

[day dreamer]
Just to remember, no matter how she scolded u, nagging u, she still is your mother and no one can replace her.

[fl sam]
Thanks, too bad my mandarin rusted already, furthermore she also can't read well.

Happy Mother's Day to your mom.
Find me a wife? Not that easy task la... LOL

Kenny Ng said...

Don't cry and sorry to make you cry. What is N-Post and N-time ah?

Cocka Doodle said...

Compose a rock song for her lah!

jianbing said...

Uncle, Dream Theater have new album oh! it's called "Systematic Chaos". WOhoooo something new to play in my MP3 player lu~ wuakekekekekek

zeezee said...

Beautifully written, my nose turns sour for a moment.

Winn said...


Calvin's Wife said...

so sweet.. :) i bet ur mom knows u love her alot...

Huei said... touching!!!

you're a great son!!!

$ said...

it's so touching..
i wanna cry when i read urs blog dedicated 2 ur mum.. bcz so of the things u wrote really similar to my mum.. n i regret oso for the things i have done 2 her b4 too.. u r rite.. no matter hw she nagging.. o wat ever.. they jz want us to be a better person..

Sasha said...

Good Boy Kenny!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Awww so sweet... my mother uses horse whip and whack me up. SERIOUS! She bought it from New Zealand. Wow that was more painful than a cane I tell you...

Kenny Ng said...

I dunno compose song one la

Yeah I know... in process of downloading now, will listen to in tonite. I'm waiting their album come to Malaysia and I'll get 1. Dream Theater rocks!



[calvin's wife]
Yes she knows... thanks

Touching leh... I told u jor la... LOL

Glad u like it. I think all the mom also the same, nagging is for our good.


U mean last time or now? That is torture la, not punish. I'm so sorry to hear that.

King's wife said...

No matter wat, Moms are always the best!! They nag but their intention is good. :)

Nonnie King said...

This is really sincere and touching.

dreamie said...

CHEERS !!!!!! Kenny , to your mom, mine too and all the mothers out there, they are the GREATEST LOVE of All :)

Kenny Ng said...

[king's wife]
Yeah... mom always the best! Now I really want my mom nag me more... hehe

Thanks... I really wrote it from my heart.

Thanks... same to your mom too! Cheers!

nyonyapenang said...

**pass me the tissues, please**
Kenny, this is a very well written post. You momma sure have brought up a very good son.

Kenny Ng said...

*pass tissues to K-Mah*

FireHorse said...

Beautiful post, Kenny, love it love it love it, makes me feel like I know you a little better and thank you sharing.

narrowband said...

This is really sweet and touching... I could almost picture it in my head... Thanks for sharing.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms who read Kenny!

Kenny Ng said...


Thanks and Happy Mother's Day to your mom.

Helen said...

Sigh... so sweet...:-)

Jace said...

a good post that made everyone cried. At the end of the day.. u need to console those who were crying.



Kenny Ng said...


Yalor... so cham... console till I wanna cry liao... LOL

Simple American said...

Sorry I am so slow to blog.

Happy Mothers Day to your mom. She is blessed to have such a loving son. :)

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
It's never been too late. Thanks

just me said...

May God bless your mum with long life and good health and grandkids soon!

Kenny Ng said...

[just me]
Thanks... same to u :)

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