Friday, May 11, 2007

Band Of The Week - KISS

Yeah, it's going to weekend now, this week my band of the week will be KISS. I'm not talking how you kiss your love one ok? It's a classic rock band called KISS.

I remember many year back when our country banning all black metal songs, I read an article someone wrote that KISS is a satanic black metal band, I was don't know suppose to laugh or angry, how come someone never heard about KISS songs and just look at their makeup then judged KISS is a satanic black metal band? That's a really idiot comments I ever seen in my life.


Let's start my selection with God Gave Rock N' Roll To You, this song really suit me that god is giving me Rock N' Roll musics to cheer up my life. Next will be Detroit The Rock City, it's a theme song from the movie same as the song title. Followed will be the most sentimental tune, Beth, it's a beautiful nice song. Lastly is my favorite when I was a kid, I Was Made For Loving You, I really like it.

Click 'Play' to listen

KISS - God Gave Rock N' Roll To You

KISS - Detroit The Rock City

KISS - Beth

KISS - I Was Made For Loving You

About KISS

KISS is an American rock band from New York City in 1973. Usually identified by their trademark face paint and stage outfits, the group rose to prominence in the mid-1970s on the basis of their elaborate live performances, which featured firebreathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars, and pyrotechnics. KISS has been awarded 45 gold albums to date.

The original lineup of Gene Simmons (bass and vocals), Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar and vocals), Ace Frehley (lead guitar and vocals) and Peter Criss (drums and vocals) is the most successful and identifiable. Due to substance abuse problems and creative differences, both Criss and Frehley were out of the group by 1982. The band's commercial fortunes had also waned considerably by that point.

KISS in live

In 1983, KISS abandoned their makeup and enjoyed a commercial resurgence throughout the rest of the decade. Buoyed by a wave of KISS nostalgia in the 1990s, the band announced a reunion of the original lineup (with makeup) in 1996. The resulting KISS Alive/Worldwide Tour was the top-grossing act of 1996. Criss and Frehley have since left Kiss again, and have been replaced by Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, respectively. The band continues to perform, while Stanley and Simmons have remained the only two constant members.

KISS unmasked

Then-Present line up of KISS

KISS... The Great Legendary Classic Rock Band!!!

Happy Weekend!!!


may said...

the only 2 things I remember about Kiss are their painted faces and that tongue sticking out of that mouth! LOL!

Calvin's Wife said...

Owh I like the song "I was made for loving you"... *rocking* ..

Gallivanter said...

I almost blogged about GOD GAVE ROCK N ROLL 2 months ago. A kickass tune!
Also check out "Crazy Night". :-)

Huei said...

really nice wor!!

sengkor said...

the only thing i know abt KISS is beth and gene simmons.. and his long tounge trademark..

btw, i also read that KISS stands for Knights In Satan Services. but i think it's just rumors..

JoeC said...

Kiss? kiss? I get that alot lei... errr, oops sorry wrong kiss, no dun get a lot of KISS but my kiss still rwaks :) Cheers!

zeroimpact said...

Sei lor
Why sengkor also blog bout band leh
Wait, this is sengkor site right

Iwan Sanchez said...


I know of this band while i was serving my NS and my fren who was so obssesed with black metal always listen to this music..


Kenny Ng said...

I guess everyone remember that only... haha

[calvin's wife]
Glad you like it :)

Yeah... that tune is great! I remember me and my old friend were standing on table in a rock pub and sing with the song together... I miss that moment.

Nice leh? I no tipu u one.

Your band of the week rocks! Yeah, about they worship to satanic just a rumors.

Ah? Why so much kiss? U kiss too much ah? LOL

Wake up! It's my blog la... LOL

For your info... their song is not that black metal at all.

AceOne118 said...

Aha! at least diswan i know la!! hahahaha

Rabbit said...

Uwaaa, so far so many bands that you've introduced to us, i have no idea with any of them. Tsk tsk!

_butt said...

look at their hair!! so wildd!!! so cool!!

happy weekend!


Winn said...

do u know of any gay bands?

Kenny Ng said...

How you know?

Because you are not into classic rock music ma... cannot blame u.

Happy weekend to u too :)

What for I want to know gay bands? You like ah? LOL

Simple American said...

I discovered Kiss when I joined the Army. Everytime we go the snack bar you know somebody will play I Want to Rock and Roll All Night and Party Everyday. Bought a lot of their albums, but don't have any of their music now. I once had a Kiss comic book. Made by Marvel, same folks that make Spiderman. They actually put their blood in the ink. Crazy ya?

I never made one of their shows. Don't know why? When I was in College they did a concert in Houston. I was working at a hotel and their warm up band Black and Blue was staying at our hotel. So was this Swedish rock journalist. I gave him a ride to the show and we got there just when Gene Simmons arrived. Wish I could have got his autograph. I just remember that he seemed tall.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
It's a waste u never see them in live before. I only watch them from video... haha

Anonymous said...

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Angelic Higuchi said...

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