Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Funny Place Name

Sorry these few days I was so busy with my work and did not update any new post. Yesterday when I was busy study at some technical drawing and some maps to get better picture to do technical proposal for a project in Kelantan.

Me and my colleague discovered a place name which very funny in Cantonese, we all laugh non stop with the name. As I know in Malay words don't have such word, how can this name appear in that location?

Let's see at the red circle spot...

Bukit Tiu

I wonder how this location named as Bukit Tiu. Is that if we go there sure kena Tiu? I also afraid when the highway project do until there, the work will be Tiu or not? Don't play play... it also got interchange of Tiu lor...



day-dreamer said...

Really got this place anot??

Don't ti(p)u us oh!! :P :P

Simple American said...

*scratches head* *loses hair*

??? :P

may said...

lol! I guess whoever named that hill as such had dirty things in mind!

Calvin's Wife said...

Hahaha... tiuuuuu lor like tat, :P... wat a name eh!

Huei said...

tiu lor!!

lets go c if ppl tiu ppl there!

Cocka Doodle said...

Hahaha!! Reminds me of a place in Sarawak called, "Similanjau" (What cock... in hokkien)

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Wah lau yeh...

Pei yan tiu ar if go there...

sun,moon&star said...

choi choi choi, what a name. wouldn't want to go there even if there is gold to dig.

_butt said...


people, warn all your family and friends! don't go there! bukit tiu dangerous!


Sasha said...

bukit tiu? hahhaha jom pergi sana!

danielctw said...

i want go visit bukit tiu lor...haha

ah nel said...

at least u bring gf thre no need to say anything then she noe wat u wan... ;)

Kenny Ng said...

No ti(p)u u geh... It really in the map I saw.

[simple american]
Catch no balls? LOL

Maybe lor... who knows hor? LOL

[calvin's wife]
Hahaha... tiu or not?

U go la... see kena tiu or not... LOL

Really got such name? okok... will find out... LOL

Yalor... pei yan tiu, LOL

Haha... just a name, no need so perasan.

See see one day u go how? LOL

U mau kena tiu meh? LOL

Ok... then u go, if kena tiu dun tell me ah... LOL

[ah nel]
Good idea wor... but too far la.

Iwan Sanchez said...

alamak bro,
the name sounds so auspicuous lah..

who knows got heng..


Have a nice day!

FireHorse said...

Be adventurous a bit, go there then tell us all about it, kekeke.

erinalaw said...

I had hear it once but thought they were making joke. So, it's real lar. Like that the person who work there mah tiu toh luen???

Will said...

i'm sure that place is gonna be Chen's fav hangout... hahaha

cocka: i think you mean Similan in Thailand... it's somewhere north of Phuket. kenny sia was making fun of it saying that if that is the case, birds there will be called similan-jiao... haha :P

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hahaha!! Nice one!! So so funny!! Sure kena one if go there. Maybe there's a bunch of native people there naked and 'attack' whoever who passes by!


JoeC said...

aiyoyo, best avoid the place la after kena butt hole tiu sakit liao. Cheers!

Rabbit said...

In Kelantan ka ini bukit tiu? Okay Kelantan here i kam to explore!! =P

Kenny Ng said...

So u wanna go there? LOL

Haha... If my working company got that project, sure have to go for a look there... that time I tell u ok?

I also think like that... LOL

Why chen pula?

Bunch of naked people? I don't mind if all is girls lor... LOL

Hahaha... butt hole pula, u kena b4? :P

U wanna go there kena tiu ah? LOL

Rabbit said...

yer! Say like that! *whacks kenny* I wanna go there see got who tiu who ler. Kaka!

Kenny Ng said...

Ouch! Don't whack la... I thought u wanna.... kekekeke ma :P

Chen said...

i laff my heart & lungs out when i see the name..
really ti(p)u..

Grrrrrrrrrrrr at Will

Will said...

psst... because it's Chen's fav word

*fast fast cabuts*

Kenny Ng said...

The place name funny leh? So u wanna adventure there? :P

Oic... haha... u can't run away la

Mr Incognito said...

nice one. found this while doing research on my own post about weird place names

Kenny Ng said...

[mr incognito]
Thanks for dropping by, u can take it :)

Dasuki said...

it was said that a Chinese man used to live here.His name Tiu,..this story was pass to generation to generation.BTW..bukit tiu is my hometown..:)nice place..nice view..waterfall...kampungku indah permai.........

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks for the info, now I know how the name came from :)

Angelic Higuchi said...

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