Thursday, June 16, 2011

Penang Hill Trip June 2011

Last weekend I went back to Penang for an most important and most memorable family reunion/gathering at Penang Hill. It was organised by my uncle in conjunction of my another uncle came back from United State for a short trip after 7 years.

Actually this family reunion was my father most wanted wish to have family gathering when he was around, but too bad this gathering only can happened after he left us. Anyway, the gathering was great, only thing still not 100% turned up on this gathering, if not it will be more merrier.

Overall everyone were enjoying the gathering and with the nice environment, I felt so relax for the first time in many years. I still feel not enough just stay overnight there...

Cable Train Station

Climbing up!

The Intersection

Old Train as display antique

New Train

The new train speed is really fast compare the old train, it took approximately 10-15 minutes only to reach to the top of the hill, and no more transit to other train in the middle section anymore.

The home stay

Nice house

The heritage

The garden

Wide angel view of Penang Island

Penang Bridge


Panorama night scene

Penang Island & Mainland

It looks so close between Island & Mainland

Night Scene of KOMTAR

The best chilling spot in the entire of Penang Island

Ng's Family Members (Still not 100%)

Penang Hill

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