Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Memory of My Loving Father

On this year Wesak Day (17th May 2011) is my most unforgettable day of my life, my loving father passed away on this day while I was still on duty in Abu Dhabi.

It was the most heartbroken moment when I received the news, I wasn't beside him when he left us. The pain really can't be explained, I was so down and blaming myself that did not spend more time with him in recent years.

My father, is the best man I ever seen in my life, he did lots of good deeds in his entire life for the family, siblings and friends. Although he wasn't highly educated, but his hard works, his sacrifices, his kindness were far better than anyone else who are rich and highly educated.

Remember I was a kid, we weren't talk much as he was sacrificing his time to work more just enough to feed the family, but when anyone of us fell sick or hurt, he'll tried his best to arrange his time to come back and comfort us quietly while we were sleeping, he just never showed it directly, but his heart does.

I don't think words can explain about my good dad here, there were too many old days stories which I will not manage to write here, but all are still in my memories, I'll cherish every moments that we had forever...

I always do my best to work harder like him, and pay him and mom back by taking care of them, let them happy always and no worries, but... out of sudden, I wasn't achieve what I wanted, I feel I'm so useless!

I can't continue anymore as I can't hold my tears... allow me to express my words from my heart...

Dad, I really miss you,
I'll carrying your good deed spirits for my entire life,
I promise you I'll be strong and move forward,
I promise you I won't disappoint you,
I promise you I'll taking care of mom, brothers and myself...
Dad, you are the best I ever had!


** To all my relatives, colleagues and friends, my family and I wish to express our deepest gratitude for your support and presence during our time of bereavement.


laundryamah said...

My deepest condolences...yea totally know what you went thru..felt that and even now still even tho my dad left for over 11 years...yea u should concentrate on the living now..

Old Beng said...

*A pat on your back*

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