Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pink Floyd Short Reunion

On 12th May 2011, it was the most historical night for music industry that all surviving Pink Floyd members were together in Roger Waters' "The Wall" concert in O2 Arena.

So coincidence on that night I was browsing around via Youtube on Pink Floyd songs, I wasn't aware that O2 Arena was having an epic moment, David Gilmour made surprised appearance in Roger Waters' "The Wall" tour for "Comfortably Numb" this song. I only knew about it the next day when I read Twitter's timeline mentioned about it.

It was my happiest moment when I knew about it, I immediately search the video everywhere to see how was it, surprisingly Nick Mason also appeared in the end for "Outside The Wall". To be honest, I was crying with joy when look at those videos, how I wish I was there!

Roger Waters & David Gilmour

Roger Waters & David Gilmour hugging each other

Nick Mason, Roger Waters & David Gilmour

Nick Mason, Roger Waters & David Gilmour

This was the 2nd time full reunion in 30 years when in 2005, full Pink Floyd members (David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason & Richard Wright) were performing in Live8 concert. After 6 years they were together again but without Richard Wright who passed away in 2008. Seriously I can feel Richard Wright & Syd Barrett were there too...

David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason & Richard Wright in Live8 2005

It is understand that David Gilmour will only do one-off show in Roger Waters' "The Wall" tour, but I believe that they will make another full reunion soon. Just look at their reaction to each others, I got no doubt they will on stage together in near future, I believe that's everybody wishes to see them all again on stage.

Roger Waters & David Gilmour (Comfortably Numb)

Nick Mason, Roger Waters & David Gilmour (Outside The Wall)

The Wall show really breathtaking when look at the projected graphic on the 30 feet height wall, I can't wait to see the official DVD for this concert and of course the Reunion of Pink Floyd!

I beg you all Pink Floyd fans please stand up and make more noise to request more Pink Floyd reunion!

Pink Floyd Forever!


cautioncontentshot said...

Ace gig - I was there - 2 rows from the front. Very emotional. Full grown men were in tears.

Kenny Ng said...

I really envy you. Yeah it was very emotional moment for me as well!

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