Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tenshi Cafe at e@Curve

First of all I would like to thank Hahah Deals who organised this review session for us at Tenshi Cafe aka Maid Cafe in Cineleisure (e@Curve) at LG level.

Tenshi No Cafe

Tenshi No Cafe is a Japanese joint venture 'Maid Cafe' that focuses on cosplay, maid and butler ervice rather than the food. The company mission is to introduce the unique Japanese culture to the Malaysia public but with adjusted the food to suit our local taste and culture.

Tenshi/Maid Cafe is a nice place for healthy activities such as heart to heart talk and play with the lovely maid and gently butlers that will serve you with real feeling of a Mater, or simply a very close friend.

Tenshi No Cafe

Of course, there are some rules and regulations related to the cafe... Please read and take note!

Rules & Regulations

Overall, the place is quite cozy and clean, for those who like Japanese anime figurines, this is the right place, you can see plenty of figures display in the cafe.

The Environment

From Main Entrance

Plenty of Figurines

I can say this will be a nice place to hangout with group of friends, or in couple.

Group of Orgainser & Bloggers

The Cafe Owner giving speech


She was accident fell a glass on me, and quickly clean up the mess, I can say their service is efficient and fast. She felt bad after that, I didn't blamed her at all because it wasn't her fault, but the group of bloggers joke that I harrest her until she fell the glass... >_<
The Maids

That was something first time I saw in my life, they even teach you how to power up your food before your take it, it's funny!

Power Up!

Another Power Up!

Then they also provide spoon feed if you want...


Let's see about their foods, there are plenty of variety of foods. The deco idea of the foods are very creative and look cute...

Couple Hangout

Fish & Ship

Katsu Curry Rice

Seafood Spaghetti

Chicken Spaghetti

Teriyaki Don

Chicken Katsu Don

Salmon Balls

Cocktail Sausages

Japanese Omurice

Banana Split

Tempting to go and with special offers? So what are you waiting for? Faster logon to Hahah Deals and you'll get special offers from 29 March 2011 to 3 April 2011. The offer included:

1* Choice of any Japanese Rice
1* Choice of Kawaii-Bento
1* Tenshi Dessert
2* Ice & Shaky

All of the above for only RM38!!! This will be the 55% discount from the normal price at RM83.

For more info please logon to to Get The Deal Now! Then you can enjoy the foods and their service with...

Lovely Maids

Lovely Maids & Gently Butler

Tenshi Cafe at e@Curve

Tenshi Cafe!


Lady Alie said...

You didn't take any photos with the maids ar? This is a once in a lifetime experience weii! You don't even need to go Japan for this. Heehe.

Kenny Ng said...

Got leh... but not with my camera ma... hehehe

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