Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Sexy Ladies

Finally... Yes it's finally my dream came true! I wanted to own an original Fender Stratocaster made in USA for many years, and now I owned it!

Right now I got total of 3 guitars, 2 electric and 1 acoustic. What is my next dream guitar? Yeah, it's Gibson Les Paul, but it's too far out of my budget, need few more years to save more money to buy. Anyway, my real dream guitar still is Fender Black Strat owned by David Gilmour, that even more expensive and I don't think I can afford to own it...

Anyway, here is my complete 'Sexy Ladies' family pictures, before this let me introduce you my new 'Sexy creamy Lady'...

My 'Sexy Creamy Lady'

The Headstock

Another Angle of Headstock

The Bridge, the Volume & Tone Control

The Control Centre

Sexy Red Hot & Sexy Creamy

Sexy Red Hot is still my favorite although it's cheap, I still love it because with the sentimental value, I brought it together with me when I was in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, then brought it back to Malaysia.

I'm planning to modify this Sexy Red Hot pickups to humbucker pickups, to make it sound more heavy... yeah!

Family of Sexy Ladies
With my favorite Pink Floyd's Poster as background.

Mercedes Headstock!

My Sexy Ladies!!!

1 comment:

Netster said...

I love Fender! I love stratocaster! I use to dream to have one of this guitar. Maybe I'll buy one for collection.

I would one to buy one acoustic guitar though hehehe I think it's easy for me to play after a hard day work. hehehe

you have a great guitar with great camera, you're the superstar!

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