Thursday, December 02, 2010

TM Everyone Connects

This is a great one! TM unveil The World of EveryoneConnects in the recently celebrated its 1st anniversary with a fresh look and feel as well as the introduction of the newly enhanced interactive website of

There are some new features for the new look, I can see it’s much creative and easy to use.

Features of The World of EveryoneConnects:

It’s cool to see that you can choose your avatar gender and nickname as you like. Then you can walk around with the navigation to see the virtual town in this Everyone Connects, visit places as you like and random chat with virtual strangers.

As a rocker, I like this Jamming Garage which featured Bunkface. In this Jamming Garage everyone can get all information about local great band Bunkface to listen and watch their musics.

This Stadium feature is cool as well, it is designed as a sports locker room. From here, fans will be able to access “hot off the pitch” features which showcase news, highlights, interviews and videos from Manchester United TV or MUTV. These rich football content are offered by TM in collaboration with Manchester United as the Official Integrated Telecommunications Partner of Manchester United in Malaysia. Another feature of the webpage is a game play board that also serves as a chat room for fans.

Sini Maa is a playful webpage for movies. This webpage highlights movie trailers and videos available on Hypptv (UniFi), and (web channels).

There is few more landmark in this Everyone Connects site, to find out more interesting landmarks, please visit at

EveryoneConnects Rocks!

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