Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

Wonder why I'm so in love this song? Well it's hard to explain why, it's like when you deeply fall in love with someone without any reason, it's all about the feel. If the love can be explained, that is not true love anymore.

To me, this song always my Number One song of my life and I've decided to make it as 'My Life Theme Song'. Everytime when I listen to this song, my soul will automatically go into the music and feel it especially when the guitar solo part. I can say it's the all time best guitar solo ever in rock music history, you may not agree with me but musics are very subjective, nobody can love the same music.

I started listen to this song when I was a kid, but I'm still don't understand about music that time, but after I watched the PULSE concert in my friend's house, I was totally deeply fell in love with this song! The concert was awesome and how I wished I can see this concert (PULSE) live in front of my own eyes, but looks like we'll never have the chance anymore...

Now I found out that my choice of this music is correct! 'Comfortably Numb' was rated as the Number One Greatest Guitar Tone of All Time... Ever! You can find out the source HERE. David Gilmour (Sound and Guitar of Pink Floyd) really is a Master of Guitar Tone of all, and his touched of every notes are full with emotion and feeling.

I've been searching for various version of this Comfortably Numb in live via Youtube recently, and moments ago, the Live8 version (2005) was the most emotion to me. I remember back in year 2005, I was watching the Live8 Live on satellite TV (Astro in Malaysia) and was waiting for Pink Floyd to perform on stage for the whole night long!

Live8 2005 was the most historic moment for all Pink Floyd fans as Roger Waters joined back Pink Floyd to perform on this charity concert after he left the band for 20 years! It was the most epic moment of the whole concert, the moment they stood out, I really can't hold my tears!

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (Live8)

Now I still very emotion when watch this video when four of them hugged together at the end of their show, we'll not able to see this scene anymore as we know that the late Richard Wright is no more longer with us.

I read from some sources said that Pink Floyd will reunion for a big concert before Richard Wright left us, I really can't accept it! My long waited dream to watch Pink Floyd in live has gone forever...

Long Live Pink Floyd!

Comfortably Numb

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Netster said...

So sorry to hear about your dream to watch all them live together may not come true.

It's hard to find a true soul in music these day that you would appreciate and love for many long years.

Pink Floyd is definately one of the greatest rock & roll band in the world.

If 3 of them decided still to go on with the show without Richard Wright, i say, you go for it.

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