Monday, November 22, 2010

2010 XPlay Shout! Awards

That was awesome! I missed the Xplay Party but this time I managed to attend the Xplay Shout! Awards at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil. Many thanks to Celcom's Xplay VIP ticket.

My VIP ticket

The Crowds

The Stage

The Screamers


These guys really rock!

It was a most epic moment for me when they started with rock musics which really cheer me up! I never expected they played Thunderstruck (original by ACDC) in the beginning, it was awesome!

Bunkface interviewed

Yuna the winner of the day

These guys really great

Stunning performance

The full list of all winners were:

Rockstar Award – Bunkface
The Ultimate Shout! Award! – Yuna
Break Out Award – Yuna
Mobile Artiste of the Year Award – 6ixth sense
Best On Screen Chemistry Award – Papadom
Favourite Radio Show Award – Hot FM
Coolest Radio Announcer Award – Phat Fabes
Hot Chick Award – Scha Alya
Hot Guy Award – Henry Golding
Flava Award – Mizz Nina
Music Video Award – Bunkface
Favourite TV Program – Showdown 2010
Fresh TV Series – Nur Kasih
Power Vocal Award – Faizal Tahir
Popstar Award – Yuna
Breakthrough Feature Award – Lagenda Budak Setan
Favourite TV Personality Award – Zizan


XPlay Shout! Awards ROCK!!!


Jessyca said...

I missed the chance of going it because I already have other appointments. Aih~~

Kenny Ng said...

Aiyah... Too bad la then

Netster said...

can see from the photos it was an awesome event! I'd Love to be there!

Awesome photo!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Kenny!
Been a while since i last visited your blog.You recommended Shendy music school to me for my son,remember?He's there for almost 2 years already.Planning to add drums to his skill!Me of course very encouraging.TQ!Just another questions please if you don't mind? Are guitarist fingers all injured like those shown above ?

Kenny Ng said...

Hey there! It's been so long never hear from u. It's great you encourage your son into music. Did I shown injured fingers above? Normally all serious guitarists' fingers injured before... haha

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