Monday, December 20, 2010

Is Suicide A Solution?

It's been very long time I never write about something serious on my own thoughts, this time I really want to voice out what I think about the 'new' trend of ending own life... Is it a cursed? This reminds me about a well known suicide song "Gloomy Sunday" which caused hundred of lives just ended by suicide.

Recently there are so many suicide cases happened around, I was wondering is it only because of a hot news that made all newspapers more focus on suicide cases? Or it's been happened all the while but nobody care about it? From my opinion, it does happened all the time, but it just don't any big bang news about it.

I believe majority of us have think about to end own life before, but we just got no guts to do it or we can think wisely in the end. We are human or I can say we are living creature in this world, it's unfair to say we human only got feeling and emotions, even animals have feeling too!

We human as one of the living creatures on this earth, it's normal to have the most saddest or most down moment, it's mostly caused by love or relationship, financial, education, career, family matters, social life and so on... Nobody can escaped from it, it depends on how you think and handle it. To me no matter how bad the situation, there is always has its solution to solve it, it's the matter you accept it or not.

I've read many articles and heard from many parties talked about suicides, I can conclude that those made this move their thought were out of control just in split seconds. Many also said that the last moment before stop breathing, those suicide victims really regretted of their move. To me, it's quite true based on researches report I read before on some suicide victims being rescued, they really felt regret of it.

Try think about it, is it worth to end your own life in this way? Suicide is a crime, it's nothing different of killing a human life. It also causes chaos to everything around you, properties damaged, people who love you will be sad forever and so on... Sorry to say I'm not offended to those who already done it, I'm not the right person to stop it happens, I respect your decision.

I know no matter how I say here will not change anything, every individual has its own thinking, but I do wish those who now thinking of doing this stupid move, please think twice! It's all about timing, I believe if they have few more seconds to think wisely, it will not happened at all.

Of course every life will have its end, life is so fragile, you'll never know when is your turn, but at least try to appreciate what you have now, don't be so selfish and don't let others who love you more feel worry or sad about it forever.

So is suicide a solution? My answer is NO! Nothing is perfect, just learn to accept facts and appreciate everything surrounding you. Quality of life is not to achieve your dream, it's to accept what you have and happy with it.

Suicide NOT a Solution!


Jace said...

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janice said...

aiya.. how come no button to click like wan .. kekeke.. well wrote...

Kenny Ng said...

[Jace & Janice]
Hahaha! You both play too much FB la... Anyway thanks!

Marsha M said...

i had a 'normal' friend commit suicide a few years back and up to this very day, although we were not best friends or whatever, I continue to be affected by it. maybe it is because it happened just opposite my house. and maybe it is because he was a well-respected pilot that everyone thought was so smart, intelligent and rich.

and then he went and did something that no one thought was possible.

it really shattered our views about his life. kept asking 'what was it that was wrong that was not fixable?'

we'll never get our answer now.

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