Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pit Walk at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Racing Circuit

It was my most emotional came back to this Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Racing Circuit after I left this track for 1 year plus when we completing the construction work of this racing circuit.

So coincidence that I got tasks to do in Abu Dhabi at this week and I flew over from Kuala Lumpur to Abu Dhabi. Many thanks to my fellow colleague Mr. Yap who get me an access pass to Pit Walk on 11/11/2010 Thursday.

I missed the last year 1st ever race here since I transferred back to Malaysia before the race day, I always wish to watch at least a F1 race in any race tracks but always failed to do so. I love F1 since I was just 7 years old, but never got the chance to watch live on any tracks. Anyway, it was good enough for me to come back to this world most advance racing track for the pit walk session.

It was so emotion when I stepped into the pit lane, my sweat & blood was poured over this pit lane before, I believe everyone will feel the same when you return to a project that you involved before.

My Access Pass

Sham Tower

Team Lotus, proud of Malaysia

Through the rim, Team Renault

Team Ferrari - Alonso's Race Car

Ferrari's Front Nose

Ferrari's Front Wings

Spotted Lewis Hamilton in Team Mclaren's Garage

Lewis Hamilton's Race Car

Mclaren Mercedes' Front Nose


Sebastian Vettel (2010 World Driver Champion) Race Car

Man at Work

The Race Track with West Grandstand

Main Grandstand & Pit Building

View at Main Grandstand

Another view at Main Grandstand

Legendary Michael Schumacher's Race Car

2010 World Driver Champion's Race Car

Tunnel to Heaven

It was a shame that I only managed to watch the final race live via television, but at least better than nothing I got the chance to stepped into the racing circuit again. Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and Team Red Bull the champion of 2010.

Yas Marina Racing Circuit!


Netster said...

I can feel your emotional flow! This is one of a master piece :) at least many of your friends know whos making the brand pit a reality.

Good to know that you have step into the finish products and saw some action in there :)

Nice to see all the photos, cheers!

day-dreamer said...

Wah... I'm so envious!! I also wanna walk on the pits!!

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