Sunday, September 19, 2010

Penang Photowalk (Part 2/3) - Chinese Opera

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From Beach Street me with my cousin brother and his 'skinny alien' girl friend planned to move to Chew's Bridge. Before entering Chew's Bridge, we saw Chinese Opera show preparation before the show for the 'Hungry Ghost' Month festival.

We were shooting from outside in the beginning, then we saw a group of outsider/visitors climbed into the backstage to snap photos. At first we were hesitate to go in too, then I decided just climb in then only decide how if they not allow us to go into the backstage.

Surprisingly they did not blocked us, they just did the make-up without care about what we did. It was my first time in my life managed to enter the Chinese Opera Show's backstage.

One thing I really respect all of them is they don't even need make-up artists, all they just did on their own with a small mirror!


Applying foundation

Eye brow


Little light reflected on her face



Do it yourself

Deep thought

I really wish I can do it more in future, but now days we hardly can see Chinese Opera Show around. It's sad to see it slowly disappear, and I really hope that the tradition will never dies.

Chinese Opera!


Jessyca said...

Yes! Our precious culture is slowly fading..hope can see it in KL : )

ButTeRcUp said...

got chance i wanna shoot opera too!

Panda said...

their make up is really very very thick .. salute :o

Kenny Ng said...

It's sad to see it right?


Yah, have to la

lechua said...

wow what an awesome photo opportunity! it's so rare to be able to capture these sort of behind the scenes!! was this a set-up stage? great stuff

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