Sunday, September 26, 2010

Penang Photowalk (Part 3/3) - Chew Clan Jetty

This is the final part of my Penang Photowalk on 28 August 2010.

After the Chinese Opera Pre-Show shooting, we heading to one of the tourist attraction spots in Penang, Chew Clan Jetty. Seriously it was my first time to enter into this place and just noticed that the people there are friendly.

I really like this kind of 'kampung' feel, I was so amazed with the building structure only build by timber on the sea. No car can enter the place, the common transports to enter this jetty are only bicycle and motorbike.

I wasn't aware this place has been selected as one of our local movie scene in 'Ice Kacang Puppy Love' until I watched the movie after I visited to Chew Clan Jetty.

The Entrance

The Walkway

Hair Saloon?

The Only Logistic

Chew Clan Jetty

Living On the Sea



Homestay (Hotel)

The Foundation

The Jetty

The Loner



Cute Little Girl

I felt wanted to go again since this trip was a bit late and I was enjoying the environment, their living culture rather than only for photo shooting.

Chew Clan Jetty


Sasha Tan said...

nice nice nice.. love all the pics ;)

lechua said...

hey great nostalgic post on the chew jetty...!

Netster said...

Awesome bro! :)

Chew Jetty (1918 - present...) that's a very old jetty!

kyh said...

nice!!! been in penang for 3 yrs plus but nvr step inside this jetty. :P

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