Thursday, September 16, 2010

Penang Photowalk (Part 1/3) - Beach Street

This Penang Photowalk was about 2-3 weeks ago, it was before the Merdeka Day. I went together with my cousin brother & his 'skinny alien' again who also a great photography enthusiasm.

We started about evening time before the sunset, it was the great time which the weather wasn't that hot. The photowalk started at Beach Street then all the way to Chew's Bridge.

This post will only show on Beach Street which many people called it as Banks Street since this street has most of the banks in Malaysia. It was on weekend, so most of the shops and banks were closed.

Broken Warehouse

Logistic Company




Safety First

Stand Chart


Nice Canopy

India House

Which Bank Better?


Government Offices


Private Property

Absolute Parking

U.A.B. Building

Beach Street


Andrew said...

Ei. Not just me lah. My skinny alien leh? Hahaha.

Kenny Ng said...

Oh yah! I forgot... now I add in... LOL

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