Monday, July 12, 2010

Raub & Bentong Day Trip

Last weekend I joined a group of friends and many new friends for one day trip to Raub & Bentong in Pahang. We rented two tour vans to go for this trip, the journey was smooth until we get lost to peanut factory.

When we found the peanut factory, it was closed on Saturday, so end up we went for another peanut factory and luckily it was opened and welcome us to visit the factory.

The Peanuts

Traditional Roasted Machine

A Worker at Works


The next destination, we went to a Taufu factory in Bukit Koman, and we were welcome by the owner very well. The owner said the Taufu business has brought forward to the 4th generation! Imagine how experienced they are in making Taufu.

Cutting the Taufu

After Cut

Deep Fry

The Master of Taufu

Taufu in the Making

After visited the Taufu factory, we all took a break and had lunch in Raub town, then had a short walkabout and I did not snap much pictures during that time.

Finally, we went to Chamang Waterfalls before we head back to Kuala Lumpur. It was out of my expectation, this waterfalls is so wonderful with the strong current. I just went there to shoot some pictures and did not went into the water.

Chamang Waterfalls

Chamang Waterfalls

Captured the Current

Slow Speed Shutter Effects

Another Slow Speed Shutter

Overall this trip was really fun with knowing many new friends as well. The group was the mixture of photography enthusiasts and travel enthusiasts. I'm looking forward for another trip to other places.

Peanuts & Taufu


day-dreamer said...

Love the waterfall shots! :D

Elizebeth D.L. said...

I really love your "after cut tofu", the 6th picture.

Kenny Ng said...



Wyn said...

Love the slow shutter speed effect..

with tripod?

Kenny Ng said...

All pics taken without tripod, 100% hand held... hehehe

lechua said...

i luv reading posts like these... fab captures of the traditional making. really like the first photo of the peanuts!

Kenny Ng said...


LKH said...

Do you have the name, address and contact number of the peanuts and tau foo factories you visited?


Yong said...

hi there, nice pictures. Can i know the peanut factory name and location?


Yew Janet said...

have brick factory at bentong?

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