Thursday, July 01, 2010

Greatest Cameras Man

Now days, many people are into photography as hobby or as their full time job. Of course photography is very fun when you are having the most advance and latest model of the gears.

There are so many types of camera man or so called photographer, it's depend on your budget to play on it. Some people like all the gears out for photo shoot, some will just bring minimum gears which he/she feels good enough for the photo shoot topic.

I used to bring whatever I have for every outing, but after some time I felt it's a waste of energy to carry so much unnecessary weight. Now I just bring minimum gear which I feel it's good enough to shoot what I wanted, that's the learning process.

Yesterday I received an email from my friend on amazing scenes that showed special moment that we rarely see in our life... and I found out one of the pictures very shocked me...

CameraS Man!

I was laughing non-stop when look at it, I wonder how he runs if any emergency. From my observation to count on the gears he has, I estimated the total value can buy me a house! I'm not that greedy, if I can owned any one of his gears, I'll happy till I cry!

Super Cameras Man!


Jessyca said...

Buaya Crawl over ur blog la~~hehe!

Wow! He even got knees protector for the heavy loading! LOL

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Maybe his buddies all went to WC and he helping them carry for that moment? hehehe...;)

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