Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lotus (Part 2)

This post can be considered as super outdated post, I went for my 2nd Lotus shooting on the following week of my 1st Lotus shooting in my previous posts.

On my 2nd attempt to shoot the Lotus, I purposely bought a pair of rubber shoe and planned to go nearer to the Lotus flowers. So coincidence there was a group of experienced Lotus shooters also there early in the morning, when I about to walk into the pond, the group of old photographers told me better not to go into the water as they heard that place got crocodile!

So, I just shoot at the slope and did not managed to get more closer to the Lotus flowers as I wished.


Opposite Colour

Water from rain

Dragonfly rest on leaf


They are friends

Only Red





Get closer with the Grasshopper

Lotus Part II


Wyn said...

wow...nice it!!

Anyway, how r u? long time din drop by d...

Kenny Ng said...

I'm fine, but more busy with works. How about u?

Elizebeth D.L. said...

I really love the one you put "alone".

Your pictures all very nice! You have done it again!

_butt said...

very very nice! =)

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