Monday, June 28, 2010

TM iTalk Whoa! - Benefit of IDD Calls

I believe now days everyone heard about iTalk WHOA! from many sources especially from newspaper, radio stations, TV channels, blogs and other source of advertisements. By the way, how many of you understand the benefits of using iTalk WHOA?

In this challenging globalization era, I found out that everyone has at least one (1) person to contact in overseas, and all IDD calls will cost more than local calls and it also depend on which country to call.

In my case, especially with my job which I need to provide engineering input from Malaysia HQ, I have to communicate very often with my Regional Director, General Manager and colleagues in Middle East (U.A.E., Qatar & Bahrain).

Furthermore my uncle and his family migrated to United State, and also many friends working aboard or migrated to various countries around the world, it will be very costly for me to make International calls or even SMS to them.

Before this, we all just can communicate via messengers and emails. We only make calls when any urgent issues, it was a real headache to everyone to make expensive calls.
Now, thanks to TM iTalk Whoa! Which they offered very reasonable rates for IDD calls. I strongly believe it will save more cost in long term, you can find out more on the IDD rates at HERE.

It is important to keep in touch with your love one or potential customers if you are in business field. This is to maintain the good relationship and better understanding on both sides. To make the right choice to communicate with low cost, I strongly recommend TM iTalk Whoa! IDD call.
So be a smart user, let’s use TM iTalk Whoa! IDD, it breaks the communication barrier!

iTalk Whoa! IDD Calls Rocks!

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I want to know. Why is it I get this from operator "the call is not answered" when I try call from Malaysia to Russia, Moscow?

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