Friday, June 25, 2010

Super GT Malaysia 2010

Was in Sepang International Circuit last Saturday & Sunday for the Super GT Malaysia 2010. I managed to buy Main Grandstand + Pit Walkabout ticket online last minute, and the ticket valid for Saturday & Sunday.

My intention was to shoot on fast cars to challenge myself on panning skills, but what I observed many went there just for shooting GT Race Queens rather than watching the race.

Before spun out

Fast shutter speed captured

Another fast shutter speed captured

Special shape

Champion of the final race day

Taking corner

Hard at break


Another Autobacs

Health made easy?

This shows Epson is fast!

Another Malaysia sponsored

Challenge at last corner

Wheel to wheel

Last corner challenge

I believe many of you have seen plenty of blogs/facebook/forums/websites posting on the GT Race Queens, so I'm not gonna post it up because I wasn't so keen to snap on them and just simply shoot, the qualities are far behind than everyone has posted it on web.

Super GT!!!


Horny Ang Moh said...

Aiyah!!!!!!!!!!!Where are the race queen pic??? Ah Beng car can find everywhere lah.........

BTW how is life??? Long long time didn't poke in. Wish u the best in fife!

Wyn said...

nice pic...

been to the race once...but that time oni use point and shoot camera...pic came out very disappointing..hehe..

how are you anyway? =P

Kenny Ng said...

[Horny ang Moh]
Haha... race queens pics not nice from me, all out of focus! I'm fine since I transfer back to Malaysia :)

I'm fine, how about u?

janice said...

Those photos are so nice... those cars look so cool..

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