Monday, June 07, 2010

First Lotus Shooting

I always wanted to shoot on Lotus but doesn't found a good spot or right timing on it. Last weekend finally I got the chance to shoot Lotus with my photography buddies at Taman Metropolitan Batu near to Jalan Ipoh and Kepong area.

We went there early morning to catch the better sunlight before it turns to0 bright. It was sunny and good weather on that day, we managed to snap as much as we can. My second intention was to recap back my film SLR skills, too bad I don't have telezoom lens for my film SLR camera, and I did not managed to finish a roll of film.


Little Bee at works


Giant Bee attacks!

Giant Bee at works



Little Bees at work

All generation of Lotus

Dragonfly loves it

Lonely Lotus

Opposite Colour


Was it starring at me?

Red Dragonfly

It was just my first visit to the place, I plan to go again this coming weekend if no need to work on weekend, will try to shoot in different view.



_butt said...

how come nobody comment here wan? so many beautiful shots of pretty pink lotuses!!

love them all. my favourite is the 6th. you're a pro, bro. :)

Kenny Ng said...

Don't over rated me la... I'm not pro la... Thanks!

korie said...

kenny can i join u on this weekend?

Kenny Ng said...

Hi, that was last weekend, this coming weekend I'm going to Sepang for GT race.

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