Sunday, May 30, 2010

Healthy Morning Walk at Botanic Garden, Penang

Back in Labour Day holiday, I decided to go back Penang and tagged along my parents for the morning walk at Botanic Garden in Penang. It was a good idea from my cousin who suggested to bring along all families for this morning walk.

Since my intention was only for photo walk, it's good idea for all can walk around in better environment. It's been many years I never stepped into this Botanic Garden, and it changed alot and getting much better.

This was my 1st attempt shooting in macro, and I found out it wasn't easy as I expected...

Cannon Balls

Cannon Ball Flowers

Closeup of Cannon Ball Flower

Bee Attacks!

Bee at Works

Old White Tree

Back Lighting

I only found out this tiny creature after uploaded to computer!

King Bee?

Mini Falls at Japanese Garden

Spotted an old man did 'Chi Gong'

Ants - Team Work

Overall, I felt so great after the walk together with parents, uncle, aunts and cousins...

So weird on that day I don't see any monkey out there, usually this place famous with monkeys all around the garden.

Penang Botanic Garden


Old Beng said...

Nice photos.

Maybe you wanna come to Singapore Botanical Gardens to take some beautiful photos too?

Anak Merdeka said...

Hey, very nice photos leh!!

Been away for so long, hope u r keeping well Kenny :)

viagra online said...

The place is simply amazing .. no words to describe the beauty of it

Kenny Ng said...

[Old Beng]
Thanks, if I got chance to Singapore, why not?

[Anank Merdeka]
Hey! Long time didn't hear from you. How are you?

[vigra online]
Many Thanks!

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