Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deep Purple Live in Malaysia

Last weekend (16th May 2010) was the most excitement day for me after a long waited rock concert held in Malaysia. It was Deep Purple, the legendary classic rock band came to Malaysia Genting Highland for the concert.

I booked the ticket since in March 2010 to make sure me and some friends got the seats for the concert, I really don't want to miss this concert since it is very very difficult to have rock concert in Malaysia.

It was my first up gone up to Genting Highland after 1989 when I was just a primary school boy and I don't even have the memory how it looks like. We decided to drive my friend's car up and I was the designated driver since I don't want to drink to get drunk.

When we entered to the concert hall, we found out our seats were not at good position, so many objects covered up the stage especially we can't see Don Airey the keyboardist at all! After the show started, there were so many empty seats at the center of the stage, and the crowds started to move over, we also don't missed the chance and move over to the center of the hall for better view.

This time I did not brought my DSLR out since they not allow to bring professional camera in, so I was just brought my point & shoot digital camera, and the quality are not that good. Anyway, it's better than nothing.

Deep Purple in Colour

The show started with a powerful and popular song, Highway Star. The crowds started to cheer when the music started.

From Left: Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Ian Gillan, Steve Morse & Don Airey

Steve Morse with his Superb Guitar Skills

Don Airey, as good as Jon Lord

Ian Paice, one of my favorite drummer all time

Roger Glover & Ian Gillan

Ian Gillan duet with Steve Morse

Steve Morse with Ian Paice

Epic Moment

Jamming Session

Overall the concert was great, but still got many great songs they never played on that night. The most craziest moment was when Smoke On The Water started, all crowds were cheering and sang together.

Last year I watch them before in Dubai, and it was a short concert. This time it was a full concern and Ian Gillan at least can sang better than last year performed in Dubai.

Deep Purple Rocks!!!


PaNg5_BaDoL said...

hi kenny.. nice shot .. sure you enjoy watching live Deep Purple concert.. argghh.. i miss the concert lol..

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah, it was a great show, too bad you were not there

man said...

wow..deep purple..i love rocks!! i went to double trouble concert but unfortunately no dslr u ur lucky still got pictures can share..nice captured..

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks man!

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