Thursday, March 11, 2010

Petaling Street + KTM Station Photowalk

Again... I joined a photo walk session with a group of photography lovers at Petaling Street and KTM Station. It was my 2nd photo walk at Petaling Street, I still felt it's fun to do photo walk there.

This time I tried not to repeat the same shots as previous outing at the same place, I was looking for more feel about lifestyle.


Bicycle with Graffiti

Awaiting for Business

Another side of Petaling Street




KTM Station

Through the Holes

Not My Train

Reading Without Interference
Suicide Attempt?

Guess What is This?

Thanks for all who attended the photo walk, I was really enjoy on this outing as everyone were sharing their experiences and opinions.

Walk of Life


William said...

"Through the Holes" reminds me of scales. Cool shot.

lechua said...

hey kenny... great set! really like the lifestyle shots.. the sepia set gives the area a really nostalgic feel. like how the train goes by with the 'not my train' labelled on the faces'. the last pic is of one of ur fellow photographers?

Kenny Ng said...


Yes, last pic was one of our group members on that day. Thanks

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