Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Hour Photo

On 27th March 2010, whole world is celebrating Earth Hour by switching off all lights for 1 hour. So what was the main purpose of having this kind of event? At first the main objective is to save our planet from global warming for cut down the usage of power or energy.

I was just wondering, since the campaign is to save the energy usage, but why still got so many insists to take more pictures by using DSLR? Since everyone is so keen to snap the moment, here I presenting you my so called BEST EVER photo I took in my entire life...

Earth Hour Photo

Since all switched off the light, what do you expect? That's the picture outcome I can get!

I think the campaign is a bullshit! Since they wanted to save the energy usage, but why still insists to take photos? DSLR no need power to operate? I wonder which manufacture can produce a DSLR can operate without battery like old type fully manual SLR.

Another thing, after snap the picture, how are you going to see it and publish it? You still need a computer to do it right? Somemore editing... All these need power supply to do it!

Furthermore so many participants light up with candle, hello! Candle burning produce Carbon Monoxide ok? Is that the correct way to save the planet? How about the T-Shirt printing? Brochure printing, are these all no need power at all? After the campaign what will these things do? In the rubbish dump? Or on every streets?

Some still have live telecast on this event, hello! Live telecast no need power is it? Many will switched off the light, but still left the fan or air-conditional on with full blast, so what is the objective?

For my view, if really want to do it, just do it properly, turn off everything, no need any big gathering or special event in particular place. All you need is just TURN OFF the main distribution switch in your premises, turn off your mobile, turn off your engine and go to sleep!

Earth Hour?


Purple~MushRooM said...

I agree. I was surprised to read in the papers all those events to promote earth hour. I think it's stupid... waste of energy instead of saving the planet.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i already disagree
at the beginning of this
earth hour ......

Anonymous said...

the dah namanya earth 'hour'
bukannye everyday..
maybe an hour only..
kalau nak betul2 save kena ada kesedaran la..
ape da..kalau xde wat kempen ni ada org terfikir pasal semua ni.???
ni just salah satu cara je..ko jangan la rasa bodoh cuba sebab semua orang yang berfikir macam ko yang hanya reti komen tapi xreti nak buat..haiya..manuasia..kalu mahu berubah jangan cari kesalahan orang lain dulu..buat dahulu

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