Friday, February 26, 2010

Kek Lok Si (CNY 2010)

I know this post will be boring to those who follow my blog from beginning, this is not the 1st time I post about Kek Lok Si. Anyway, this was my 1st time ever to snap Kek Lok Si photos with DSLR, furthermore the Kwan Yin's Pavilion Shelter was just completed. So no matter how I must go to snap it in this Chinese New Year.

I went with my cousin brother on the 4th day of CNY 2010, we moved quite early to avoid heavy traffic jam over there. It was raining during my way to Kek Lok Si, luckily when we about to reached Kek Lok Si, the rain stopped and it was just nice for visitors to visit there with cooling weather.

The traffic started getting bad when we reached Air Itam area, we managed to reached on top of Kek Lok Si in 1 hour time. According to others who came later than us, they were stuck in jam for more than 2 hours!

Kwan Yin Statue with new Pavilion Roof shelter

Another Angle

Look Straight Up

From Side

The Pagoda

Enlighten Walkway


Temple with Thousand of Lights

The Pagoda

Buddhas Statue with Lanterns

View from a Hidden Angle

A Row of Lanterns


Below the Pagoda

Another Angle View of Pagoda

Kek Lok Si (CNY 2010)


day-dreamer said...

Wow, very magnificent indeed!!

Alpha Ace said...

very nice series ^^
love it ~

lechua said...

great angle and perspective in your shots.. u used a tripod too?

Anonymous said...


Kenny Ng said...


[Alpha Ace]

Yes, some were not using. Thanks


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