Sunday, April 04, 2010


Last weekend I went back to my Butterworth hometown for 'Cheng Meng' to pay a visit and respect to my grand grand parents & grand parents.

During at home, I not sure what to do, so end up I grabbed my camera just to simply shoot on my home for my own memories. Sometimes when I look at it, it gives me lots of memories start from my childhood time, right now I felt so emotion when I look back on all of it...

Like people said, photography is to capture or freezing the moment you have, so I don't want to miss it all in future, I decided to let the pictures bring back my nostalgic memories.

Front Door Grill

Back Door Grill

Kitchen Window Grill


The Circles

Swing's Metal Seat

Rusted Seat

Rusted Fence

The Lock

I Called it 'Nipple' Switch


Dark Side & Bright Side

The Chair

The Chair in Abstract

The Knob

That's my most nostalgic memories, I grew up with all these and I'll never forget all of it forever!



lechua said...

such brilliant attention to detail captured.

Anonymous said...


Kenny Ng said...


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