Monday, February 22, 2010

Tow Boo Kong (9 Emperors Temple)

I always wish to have a shooting session at this Tow Boo Kong (9 Emperors Temple) nearby my hometown house. This temple becoming an iconic building along the famous Jalan Raja Uda in Butterworth.

I used to join the 9 Emperors Festival ceremony during my school days but after I graduated from high school, I no longer join the festival anymore due to I study and working in outstation.

Previously this temple already decorated with hand-made crafted stone arts in the temple. Recent years, this temple keep upgrading and uplifting the image and now become one of the famous tourist spot in Butterworth.

I'm really impressed with the changes after so long I never really stepped into this temple...

The New Look of Entrance

View from Inside

Main Hall Entrance

9 Emperors

Mini Fountain

Another Entrance

In the Year of Tiger


The Lantern

Lion Statue

Tow Boo Kong Butterworth


Wyn said...


wide angle lens ar? bila wana teach me ler?

Kenny Ng said...

Yah, wide angle lens. Teach u? U come KL also never look for me, how to teach u? LOL

John said...

Hi Kenny, do u know this temple's light will light up until when? Thanks & Regards

Kenny Ng said...

Hi John, I think will light up for the entire Chinese New Year period.

William said...

I like the 2nd pic of the temple. Very nice POV.

erinalaw said...

Nice place. Must visit soon.

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... Me too! Hehehe

Fast fast go!

lechua said...

this temple is new to meee... never visited it before - love the last 2 photos and how u take ur upward shots of the temple fr below!

Kenny Ng said...

Shall visit it when u free. Thanks

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