Friday, February 19, 2010

C2 the 100% Natural Green Tea

I know I'm late to post this up, it was some misunderstanding when deliver to me. Anyway, it's my fault and finally I got it on the day I'm coming back to Penang for Chinese New Year.

Many thanks to URC Snack Foods (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. to give me a chance for the review on this brand new C2 Cool & Clean 100% Natural Green Tea.

C2 Cool & Clean 100% Natural Green Tea

For your info, all these drinks contained Catechins from Green Tea, it helps to relief the stress by reducing cholesterol levels, reducing blood pressure and build up immune system. So, it's no harm to drink it!

Catechins from Green Tea

The C2 come in 3 different flavours, Apple, Lemon and Forest Fruits. These 3 different flavours are to suit many people tastes, many may not like the taste of only green tea, so the 3 different taste is to enlighten the taste for everyone.

Apple Flavour

Lemon Flavour

Forest Fruits Flavour

It was just nice timing for me to get these drink just before CNY, as the weather is so hot and dry. These drinks gave good & healthy refreshment during the hot days. You can get these drinks everywhere now at 7-11, Giant, Jusco... and try it yourself, my relatives all choose these drinks rather than other type of drinks!

C2 Cool & Clean!!!

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Leonardo said...

I am interested in these drinks, is it possible to export it to Central Asian countries, for example Turkmenistan? Who should i contact?
Please let me know asap...

Contact email:

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