Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Guitar Get Tortured

One day, when I get back home I saw my guitar being tortured by one of my housemates.

My guitar totured by a small bear!!!

For your info, my 2 housemates all are girls! I never knew about it until I shifted in. Don't think elsewhere, all of us got our own life. Anyway, it's fun to have crazy housemates...

Guitar Bear?


day-dreamer said...

HAHAHA quite cute oso mah... at least your guitar got a friend when it's lonely... haha. :P

Dav DiDi said...

Haha, creative... but will it impact the sound of the guitar ?

Zephyr said...

is the time now *wink *wink. it is hard to find girls that blend well with ur guitar

Anonymous said...

Just bear with it and you will surely find your true love - Girl & Guitar

ah nel said...

lucky guy n lucky guitar... :D

julieann said...

WOHHHH!!!! kenny u lucky lah like that!!!!! :P :P :P

Kenny Ng said...

Like that also can?

[Dav DiDi]
The bear just sit on top, if I lift the guitar, the bear will fall off. So no effect to the sound

Don't think other way round... they just too playful

Still searching... thanks

[ah nel]
Not me

Not really

frostier said...

not yet.. not not u.
:D till then time will come

Kenny Ng said...

When is the time? LOL

Irene Law said...

Kenny, being single is also good wat, more time for personal development, more freedom and the best thing is u can save lots of money. U have so many good friends, just enjoy ur singlehood lah, u have so many good friends. Sure they can help. Anyway, good luck in searching, be patient. Getting the wrong partner is worse than being single, right?

Kenny Ng said...

[Irene Law]
Agree with you... I'm not so hurry to find one yet, let it be natural.

AiwEE said...

hahaha u shud felt so blessed tat some1 thought of this idea to deco ur guitar ^^

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