Saturday, October 03, 2009

Maxis iPhone 3G-S Too Slow!!!

Normally how long will you take to get a new car after paid the booking? From my experience it's only 1-2 weeks. Then how about online booking to buy any camera accessories? It's only 1-2 weeks as well.

Today I went to pre-book an iPhone 3GS from Maxis and they told me it will take at least 1 month only can get it. What is this???!!! I never encounter to buy a mobile phone can take so long! They told me world wide is having the same problem, I don't know is it true or not, but from my point of view, Apple won't be so stupid on their strategy not provide adequate stocks to their customers.

I felt it's a risk and unfair to someone who always travel around like me, I still don't know where am I will be gone in next month. I'll not able to collect the phone from the store I registered if I'm away to another place for some time, if I cancel it my deposit will be burnt! Now I'm gambling on it.

This is my first ever disappoinment towards Maxis after so many years I using the mobile network service, recently I also started using Maxis Wireless Broadband, and so far I don't have any complaints. The broadband service sometimes very slow too but overall it's ok for me.

Maxis iPhone 3GS Crap!!!


pisang goreng 115,NF said...

my big bro take a new car dun have wait that long........

Anonymous said...

It's a long wait not just for us in Malaysia, I travel too and have been trying to get one from Singtel (out of stock till 7 Oct), O2 (outof stock -, South Africa ( Vodafone Australia just to name a few.

The demand is tightly controlled by Apple and with the China's mid-autumn long week holiday, there is no production! What's worse, China Unicom will be offering the 3G S and that will really suck up demand as China Unicom suspects they will sell 3m phones in a year!

Damn, luck i put my order in 3 weeks ago and paid the deposit. I hear some are arriving this week for Maxis circa the Singtel shipment.

BULLET said...

maxis sucksss

Hanief said...

You gotta check this guy out. He's so lucky I guess.

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