Sunday, September 06, 2009

Brand New Start

I'm already in Malaysia since last week and till now still no time to update this blog. It was a very rush and tired trip back for me, the moment I touched down KLIA, I took another flight back to Penang, then the next day drove my car back to KL.

Since the day I started report duty in HQ, there were so many tasks waiting for me to follow up. I really got no chance to take a day rest before start back my duty in Malaysia. Currently I just started adjust back my jet-lag.

Currently I'm staying at one of my colleagues' house, luckily he still got an empty room for this month. Now I have to find myself a good place to rent a room, after a long thought I think I better get a room somewhere in Sunway or Subang Jaya which is near to my working place now, so I can save up on tol fees and petrol.

This weekend was busy to send my car for major services, luckily tomorrow Monday is a holiday in Selangor so I can have a day rest at least.

That's all about my update, will update more once everything settle down for me.

I'm Back!!!


day-dreamer said...

Hope you settle down soon. :)

Old Beng said...

Hope it will be a good start for you.

erinalaw said...

Hope things be soon done and remember call me for makan/tea when you come back penang. Morning yumchar.................. abit susah lar. If working day ok but off day, I want to sleep abit late. Like you say mah, it's a REST DAY leh.

Kenny Ng said...

Very soon

[Old Beng]
I had a damn hectic start, no rest till now


pisang goreng 115,NF said...

our kenny bro
is back
hopefully his G-files
can updated

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