Saturday, August 29, 2009

Goodbye U.A.E.

On 29th Aug 2007, it was my first day landed in U.A.E. for work. Today, 29th Aug 2009 is my last day working in U.A.E. Time flies, I've been working in this desert land for exactly 2 years!

I wasn't willing to work in this place, it was my working company arrangement and I have no choice. Anyway, I learn a lot in this 2 years and facing lots of difficulties too.

My first project involved was in Dubai, it was the largest project I ever involved in my life, but too bad we were being kicked out by unlawful termination from the client and consultants. Hopefully my working company will win the case.

Sad Stories...

Dubai Colleagues

After Dubai, I've been transfered to Abu Dhabi for the Formula One race track project. That's the project I dream to involve, but too bad the position was not I wanted. Then I requested to change my position from QA/QC back to Technical, too bad the position not vacant anymore and management decided to transfer me to regional office to do on technical matter.

Abu Dhabi F1 Race Track

F1 QA/QC Team

Regional Office Family

So, that's my working life in U.A.E. so many changes happened on me. Shifting accommodation 11 times, shifting working desk 9 times, changing working place 3 times, and changes on my transfer back to Malaysia 5 times. I believe I'm the only one facing it, just in 2 years time so many changes happened to me.

Although I don't like to live in Middle East, but there are something that worth for me to remember and cherish it. My colleagues, housemates, and friends in U.A.E. I'll gonna miss them all, but look at the bright side, we are still working with same company, we'll meet again very soon in future for other projects.

My Current Housemates

My Car & The Villa I Stay

I used this car since I return from my recent holiday. My previous car was taken by other for use in construction site, so management decided to let me use this car. I'll never afford to buy this car, but at least I can enjoy it for a short term, and it is poison enough, I can't imagine how is the feel when drive back my Proton Saga Aeroback?

Till now, still no any latest changes news on me, I will be posted at HQ in Shah Alam. Once I reach KL, I have to fly back to Penang to get my car over to KL and start work on 1st Sep 2009. I still have to settle my accommodation in KL, what a restless trip this time.



ken said...

all the best, dude!

Agnes said...

all the best!!

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

shah alam??? ok ok yam cha!!!

Will said...

yumcha! or was it yum stout? :P

day-dreamer said...

Good that you will finally be back! All the best in KL!

Anonymous said...

all the best, =)


erinalaw said...

Welcome home, my friend! Who knows one day, you drive even a better car to pick me up for lunch leh................ Look at the brighter side mah. btw hor, Proton Saga aeroback also want $$$ to buy one leh, still not everyone can afford. All the best

Vera said...

Eh your proton rawks ok.Somemore got that ladybug and fish cushion. I remembered having countless trips in your old faithful...

Anonymous said...

all the best... from the pics it shows you had great time working in UAE... maybe you will soon return.. or go to a better place :)

good luck to you

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks bro



Both also can... hehehe



I know... Just saja said scare kena poison ma... hehe

Haha.. it still rocks! The fish pillow kasak by Art already ma... Still left the ladybugs... hehe

Great time? Only when with colleagues. I never think to return to that place anymore, better place yes! Thanks

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

welcome kambeck

Jace said...


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