Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Abu Dhabi F1 Race Track Update

Based on this year F1 racing calender, currently it's only left 6 races to go, and the final race will be held in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi which is scheduled on 1st Nov 2009.

I was involved in this F1 race track before until end of May this year, I'd been transfered to Regional Office for other tasks. Since then I rarely stepped into the project site because I'm no longer involved it.

My transfer back to Malaysia right now is on schedule (if no more changes!), so I took some opportunities to enter the project site and snap some pictures before I leave, although I got no chance to watch the race here, but at least I was standing on this race track before.

From my opinion on the current progress, we are on track and the race track will be ready for the final race!

Main Grandstand & Pit Building

Main Grandstand

Pit Building

1st Corner View

F1 Racing Track Kerb

North Grandstand

West Grandstand

Support Pit Building

South Grandstand

Marina Hotel (Done by Others)

Race Track Cross Under Marina Hotel

Race Track Cross Under Marina Hotel

View From North Grandstand

Seatings at North Grandstand

Right now the construction team is working hard around the clock just to make sure it can be deliver on time. Let's wait for the final race here, I definitely will sit infront of TV to watch the live telecast race for this track.

Ready to Race!!!


Agnes said...

Nice place! dun know i got chance to go there or not..hahaha

day-dreamer said...

So nice to be standing on a real F1 track... haha.

Wingz said...

bro u race in the track first b4 the f1 does la!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i hope you can watch final F1 race.
if your transfer approve B4 the final race
fast fast pack your bag


Kenny Ng said...

Sure you'll have more chance than others.

Very hot leh...not so nice

I did many times lor...

[pisang goreng]
Packed already lor... going to fly back today.

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