Friday, July 10, 2009

Greeting From Oman

I'm safe and sound in Oman now, thanks to my working company's sub-contractor giving me a warm welcome and help for this trip.

This country is quite different from UAE, from the scenery till the people here are much better, they are more friendly and the scenery here are much natural and more greeny than UAE. The only different is no high rise or special iconic buildings here.

My 1st two days was so busy, after check-in hotel, I was rushing to bank to settle my working company's document. The next day went to the government office to submit some documents and met up with out sponsor there.

The hotel I'm staying now is normal but clean, that's my main criteria to stay in any hotels. It also provide free internet access for customers, that's great! Unlike hotels in UAE, they charge on everything.

Haffa House Hotel

Guess what opposite of the hotel I'm staying? I saw a big Nikon sign and I'm really excited to walk in and take a look.

Nikon & Rolex & Other Branded Shop

I guess it's a luxury shopping place since it is selling Rolex and main seller of Nikon cameras and accessories and other branded staffs. The sales person there are very friendly, they'll smile and greet you, I was quite not used to it since I never met this kind of services in UAE.

When I stopped at Nikon corner, the sales person very kind to me, we chat quite some time and he allowed me to test Nikon 10-24mm DX lens! Wow!!! I don't even want to buy but he purposely let me test on it. The price are cheaper than selling in UAE but not as cheap as we can get in Malaysia.

Tested on Nikkor 10-24mm DX lens

I really got poisoned of this ultra wide angle lens already now, the picture quality really sharper than I expected. I may get this lens when I back to Penang soon.

Safe in Oman


Eileen said...

Good to hear you are safe and sound happy... Is their money still RM10 = 1 omen???

I been there to see the dolphins.. haha...

day-dreamer said...

Hope you have a better time there! Waiting to read more about Oman ;)

Wyn said...

wow....d last pic very nice...i like d wide angle too...keke...

hope that you will be more Aman n happy in Oman...hehe...=P

Wingz said...

wuuuhhh!!! ultra wide lens i also dont have yet

Kenny Ng said...

Still about RM10 = OMR 1. I don't have time for dolphin show la.

Living in Oman is better than UAE, but the pace here damn slow.

I'll back to Penang and buy that wide angle lens! Hehehe... Very aman here.

Then fast fast go buy, I gonna buy one soon.

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