Monday, July 06, 2009

Going Off to Oman

*****Breaking News!!!*****

I'll be going off to Oman tomorrow morning. My boss just informed me this morning and I have to get myself well prepared to fly there in less than 24 hours.

This time I'll stay in Oman for about a week, then back to Abu Dhabi for a day, then back to Malaysia for my holiday!!! Then back to Oman again for 1-2 weeks time.

This time will be a special task for me and I never done it before, it will be a new challenge to me, furthermore I'm going alone! Sound like a James Bond right? The only different is no hot chicks around me like James Bond in the movie... Wakakaka.

I may away for a week depend on internet access availability there, so... wish me luck and can come back in one piece yah! *Sounds like go for special mission pula... LOL* I'll be alright, don't worry so much.

I'm Coming... Oman!


Agnes said...

Good luck in your new task!!

day-dreamer said...

Haha. Where is Oman @.@

Anyway, all the best there! :)

erinalaw said...

Good to move around sometimes so you won't get so sian. All the best in your new task and have a great trip coming back home too. So fast, it's just like we just had lunch 2 months ago.

vera said...

well at least now you can't say you are bored. You're a man in a mission now.

backStreetGluttons said...

we heard got a lot of mysterious dark women , usually behind the sandy palm trees...take care ok
( we heard even the James Bond also got some problems there )

Kenny Ng said...


Oman is next to UAE, also in Middle East

Yah, at least no need face bosses faces. Time really flies hor

It's a tough mission

So far I never face this proble,... Hehehe

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