Monday, July 13, 2009

Short Trip in Muscat, Oman

I guess everyone is waiting for more pictures on Oman from me, here I come!!!

I wasn't feeling well for the past few days due to very bad tooth pain, my 3rd wisdom teeth now only came out, it's very late for me to have wisdom teeth. According to the facts, wisdom teeth will be occured in between age 17 and 25, and now my wisdom teeth is delaying more than 7 years! What a 7 years itchy from my teeth... LOL.

Alright, back to the topic, I managed to spend few hours to tour around Muscat town. Thanks to my working company's sub-contractor who so kind to offer me a ride in Muscat.

Mina Qaboos Port

Sea Side at Mina Qaboos

Historic buildings along sea side

Side side protection

Fort on top of a hill

Landmark of Muscat

Muscat City Gate

Al Alam Palace

Nice architectural at Al Alam Palace

After that, I went to another sea side via Al Bustan road. I really amazed with their hard work on rock hills to build proper roads on it.

Along Al Bustan road

Qantab Beach

Qantab Beach

Hole in the rock wall

I didn't took the boat ride since I was in hurry. That's too bad, maybe will try it next time when got time.

An old and broken building at Qantab Beach

A small and peaceful village at another side of Qantab Beach

View from top of Qantab Beach

Top view on the way to Qantab Beach

Most of the pictures were taken from inside car, as I said just a short trip and I don't have time to snap proper pictures. Anyway, as you can see, this country really beautiful with natural scene and clean.

Beautiful Muscat


day-dreamer said...

Nice views indeed. :)

art... said...

this actually looks better than dubai... maybe u can finally get some rest and live a quiet lifestyle while ur there... in dubai i always read u 'tension' only...hahaha...

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

y like no ppl one???

_butt said...

LOL @ commentor above.

love the color of the sea. place looks very clean too. :-)

Cruel Angel said...

been there few times..

Nice place to have ARABS as waiters.. U dont get that in UAE!

ah nel said...

bro...da pictuer reli looks relaxing.. ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... it is

At least la, after 2 years hectic life, this was my only few days relax during working.

2 reasons... It was during afternoon, in Oman not much people come out from 12pm-4pm. Secondly, now is peak of summer in Middle East, all fly off to other countries.

Yeah, it is very clean

[Cruel Angel]
Yeah, never had this kind of experience in middle east, really surprised me.

[ah nel]
The place really relaxing

Anonymous said...

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