Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to Hell & Looking Forward

Today will be my final day in Malaysia, time flies... This trip is the shortest home trip I ever had so far, normally I got 2 weeks break but this time only 12 days break. I'll leaving tomorrow early morning back to UAE.

I still had not enough all my favorite foods, recently I also can't eat much, must be due to age is catching up, not like those days can eat and drink as much as I can.

This trip also not much friends I managed to meet up, maybe due to wrong timing, busy and many reasons. Furthermore I'm not a superstar, who is gonna meet me this small little ugly virus? Haha...

Just cut short the story, nothing to shout about this time, I wasn't so happy on this home trip... Let's look at some pictures of my favorite foods and some scenes in my hometown.

My all time favorite food - 'Char Koay Teow'

My favorite home made 'Wan Tan Mee' from Raja Uda

My favorite 'Jawa Mee' from Sin Tat Garden, Raja Uda

Delicious 'Claypot Fish Head'

Tasty 'Duck Meat Koay Teow Th'ng' at Penang 7th Road

My favorite Ipoh Old Town White Coffee

This time I managed to taste our King of Fruit, Durian after 2 years I missed out. The moment I bite on it, I was so touched and almost cried out.

Malaysia King of Fruits - 'Durian'


Butterworth Sin Tat Garden Food Heaven

This place is the heaven of foods in Butterworth, it's only walking distance from my home. It leaves me lots of memory from those days used to hanged out with friends eating here in evening. I'm glad it still remain as food heaven here, the only different is I can't recognised most of the food stall sellers anymore...

Penang Island view from Ferry

Few days back I got message from my boss, I may transfer back to Malaysia soon, to me it's a good news, finally I can come back for good! Anyway, the situation may change last minute, it's just a plan from management, they can change it anytime, so I can't promise when I can come back, but I do hope it happens ASAP!!!

Hell Again...


day-dreamer said...

Wah make me drool with so many food pics!

Have a safe flight back UAE ya, Kenny! Take care~

erinalaw said...

Where is ur food from Kim Gary. Promise u next round we go for Nasi Dalca............ remember to call me when u come back hor?

Stained said...

Wish I could take food shots like you...lovely images, makes me want to have noodles!! :D

Wyn said...

Aiyo...so many food geh...hungry liao ler...*slurp*

Safe journey ya...!!!!

Kenny Ng said...

U too... Take care

Their food not nice, so I dunwan to post... haha.

I believe you can take better than me, let's go have some noodles.

If hungry go eat... LOL

Stained said...

Better than you...nah...I suck at food shots cause I'm busy eating it all... ;)

erinalaw said...

No wonder lar, u keep quiet only that day during makan............. ok ok. Next round, die die we go for Nasi Dalca and Edgecumb Road Mee Goreng. This time, tell me earlier and I ask Lilian to join us.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

me la kenny to me your are the brother slash of penang

hi hi hi hi

Old Beng said...

Guess you must have put on a few kg after all the food?

Kenny Ng said...

Haha.. you are a good eater

Sure... would like to meet her too

[pisang goreng]
Slash of Penang? I know Slash from Guns n Roses la... LOL

[Old Beng]
Yah... I think so... Haha

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