Monday, August 03, 2009

My Latest Update

Here are some of my short update since I get back to UAE. I received a very good news for myself, I get transfer back to Malaysia by middle of August 2009!

Although it's a good news to me, right now I got a big headache to rent a room in KL as soon as possible. I got no more place to stay in KL as I return my rented room since I worked in UAE 2 years ago.

Counting down day by day, now I got a hard feeling to leave all my colleagues in UAE. It's been 1-2 years together, we are like a big family here. Life goes on, it always happens in this field, we have to look forward and cherish every happy moment we have been through so far.

My Housemates
Purely Malaysians with mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sarawakian & Sabahan

I'm gonna miss you guys very much. We are really like a big family, taking care each other all the time and sharing laughter most of the time at home, we never had racial issues at all and in fact we are the most 'happy & peaceful' family compare to other houses. Anyway, we'll meet again, construction field is like a small circle, no matter how far will meet again in future. Wish you all doing well!

Recently, I added another new member into my 'Nikon' family. Since then I can say that my Nikon family line-up has been completed. No more buying any gears anymore...

My Complete Nikon Family Line-up

See you all again when I back in Malaysia. Take care & all the best to all who still in UAE.

I'm Back Soon!!!


kat said...

Good for you! Pity we never did get to meet up after you transferred back to AD.

I'm different from you. I am looking forward to returning to AD. And I would be sad if I had to leave AD.

Wahhh.. you and your Nikon wife got so many anak!! Can make use of your anak to make part time money shooting newly-wedded couples!! :D

Agnes said...

so glad to hear that u finally back to KL for good. MSN or email me when you are here maybe we can arrange to meet up before i go back to AD. Same like Kat ...i also looking forward to returning to AD.

Stained said...

awww...I was hoping to some day meet up with you through uae-photo in the winter months and take photos.... :|

erinalaw said...

Looking forward to c u ..............

Lan Rambai said...

Oiii.. balik nanti singgah ahh opis lama ni weii... boleh aku kasi test exora aku hahaha.... aku kat hq ahh bukan wp lagi...

Kenny Ng said...

Of course I'm different with you, your all family there and earning better there. I don't have life, that's all.

Same as my reply to kat...

No worry, we'll meet one day :)

I'm not in Penang la

[Lan Rambai]
Oh... HQ dah? okok...

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