Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Lost Chambers at Atlantis Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Last Friday my colleagues pulled me out for photography session, I wasn't so keen to go since I went there before, but they don't know the way to go so I have to sacrifice my own sweet time to guide them to go this 'money wasting' aquarium.

Nothing different from my previous post on this 'The Lost Chambers', the only different is this time I'm using my D90, the pictures quality is very much better than the previous post.

Big group of fishes at the entrance

Flower Hon? I don't think so

You'll get super power sitting on it... *joking*

Looks like flying

The 'man made' lost chambers

Weird but cute little fish

Colourful fishes

Coming to kiss you

Big mouth!!!

The giant grouper fish

Finding nemo?

Cute nemos

Jelly fish

Bloody jelly fish?

Whale shark!!! Largest fish among all

Hiding between stones

Lion fish


Sea Horse, long time never seen this

Through the hole!

Water Fish!!!


day-dreamer said...

Nice fish pictures! :D

Agnes said...

very beautiful and very clear!!

Wyn said...

wah...d pictures very nice ler...

julieann said...

wah ur pics is veli impressive!!!!!!!!! all the fishies is super duper clear!!! geng lar u!!!!!

Kenny Ng said...


Dslr ma

Coz camera is good ma :P

Me not geng, the camera geng la... haha

Stained said...

Very nice shots!!!

How much does the entry for this aquarium cost??

Sasha said...

*Thumbs up* howe leng

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks. It's AED100 per entry

Thanks banyak-banyak. Actually the Ikan leng la... LOL

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